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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by WikingAir, Nov 1, 2015.

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  1. MrMungo

    MrMungo User

    More space perhaps? May well be needed at the higher levels.
    Some of the places are far from cheap too. Medium and L-planes!
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  2. Added a few more details in de building description posts like the level XP curves for those buildings.
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  3. MrMungo

    MrMungo User

    Since there are 10 levels, does that mean there's plans to add more L-planes in the near future?
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  4. Norway

    Norway User

    Why is everone in Level 0 ?
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  5. WikingAir

    WikingAir User

  6. Thats the plan on long term yes
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  7. WikingAir

    WikingAir User

    The game has become empty .. components come and go for every refresh of the game .. game crash from time to time .. things go slow .. dont know if crafting L-planes works or not .. thinking if BP has been drinking more coffee than been testing for the last months as they say they had ... at least I will now sit down and have some coffee - that don't disappear or cup crashing and go as slow as I want.
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  8. Norway

    Norway User

    Crash crash crash The game is crashing in Norway every 10 minutes, try making L plane and crash refresh and crash :((
    and and it takes half an hour to get back on. anybody else having problems.
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  9. WikingAir

    WikingAir User

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
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  10. bluejeanz

    bluejeanz User

    seems a good idea as it would be more enjoyable if we could chat and stop us falling asleep....:D
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  11. WikingAir

    WikingAir User

    Dear Airport Manager and Alien hunters:

    Due to popular demand is our UFO Special

    until 30 November, about 12.00 clock, extended.

    Event items will remain available - all Halloween items and air planes in the shop until the end of Event

    Your SkyramaTeam
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  12. Norway

    Norway User

    better to dump the UFO event and fix the bug's.
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  13. WikingAir

    WikingAir User

    "Hello my dear Airport Manager,
    the Tower announced just now a first troubleshooting.
    For you now visible,
    Flybys of Buddies will no longer be displayed in the recycling building.
    The faulty labels in the assembly hall should be fixed.
    The other main fixes coming soon.
    The team is currently tinkers continue intensively in the background.
    Best regards,
    your Skyramateam"
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  14. Norway

    Norway User

    Great ;-)) from Besse
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  15. WikingAir

    WikingAir User

  16. MrMungo

    MrMungo User

    Nice to see new helicopters added! :D
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  17. MrMungo

    MrMungo User

    December mini-events have been added to German forum
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  18. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Greetings Airport Managers,

    A lot of you noticed that the prize of the Quick service is still reduced to 30 AC at the moment. We will reset it to the original prize today. If you bought the quick service for the reduced prize, please see it as a little nice gesture in view of the problems we still have with our last update.

    We are still working on fixing all the problems that have been reported by our busy bees - our moderators.

    We will keep you updated as soon as there are some more bug fixes.

    Thanks a lot for your patience!

    SkyRama team​
    Mod-Mama, Thursday at 3:02 PM Report
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    Hello Mod-Mama,
    This is a message from BP Germany,so i not blame you !! But are they out off there mind? Must we see that as a little nice gesture,for all the problems we have now the last weeks? We lost days and days several hours from our QS!!! Renew the pages,and nothing works how it must works. It will be a nice gesture if they give all the players FREE QS for the month December!! And next year 30 AC for 24 hours.!! Here is a nice picture:rolleyes:
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  19. Norway

    Norway User

    I give up for today, game crashing every 10 minutes, and paying $50 aircash for QS is not Worth the price.
    The game Works better without QS.

    Best regards Besse Norway
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