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  1. Uniban

    Uniban User

    I am proud to introduce you my new airlines - Uniban's Airlines. We are established in Czech Republic, the heart of Europe. We recently started - level 8. I have some experiences tho as I managed another airline company in Mexico about 4 years ago. We are planning to expand our flights to Europe but we are not affraid to send our pilots in Asia or even overseas. Our only current line is to Spain and back so anybody interested in cooperation with us is welcome. Our airport can handle 5 planes at time with one cargo bay included. We are planning to expand more and buy second runway. We can offer the passangers from your airport a quick breakfast in our fastfood shop. I am looking forward to our cooperation
    Uniban :)
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  2. Hi,
    Wish to establish a direct line with you.Request already sent.
    Kind regards,
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  3. Uniban

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    Request accepted :) I visited your airport already and I am honoured that I can cooperate with such a huge airport. I have a feeling that it will be more profitable to me tho :D
  4. benhardman

    benhardman User

    Send me a flyby and a friend request if you require help levelling up and earning aircoins! ;)
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  5. phboos

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    When on line ,i will allways send some planes.Make sure that your tower is green:)
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  6. Alex192000

    Alex192000 User

    Send me friend request please! Let's exchange planes!:)
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  7. Send me friend request please!
    id 1458712
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  8. Rembri

    Rembri User

    I have sent you an invitation to another link to the beautiful country of Spain.
    Hope we can do business in the future :)
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  9. LSSK

    LSSK User

    on behalf of the company Letecká spoločnosť Slovensko, we would like to establish link to the closest neighborhood - Slovakia. Categories: Fast Flight (R - Rýchlik)and EuroCity (EC - EuroCity) (More info about categories and planes: here). We look forward to hearing from you. :)
    Letecká Spoločnosť Slovensko
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