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  1. LSSK

    LSSK User

    Letecká Spoločnosť Slovensko
    About us
    Nick: LSSK
    Level: 59
    Country: Slovakia

    We are a national airline of the Slovak republic. We operate national and international flights. Flights are operated by using the timetable.
    Our flights are divided by categories.
    Name (SVK)Name (EN)MarkDescription Planes
    RýchlikFast FlightRNational and international flights from point A to Point BRama-Falcon

    Silver Flash[​IMG]
    InterCityInterCityICNational flights of the highest quality.Cupid Arrow
    EuroCityEuroCityECEuropean flightsCupid Arrow+
    Spaceship One
    InterCity ExpresInterCity ExpressICEInternational flightsCupid Cannon
    Cupid Cannon+

    *SuperCitySuperCitySCNational flights - XXL planesMega Cupid+
    *SuperCity ExpresSuperCity ExpressSCEInternational flights - XXL planesMega Cupid+
    * - New
    Technical info
    Small - 0, Medium - 6, Big - 0
    Parking Bays

    Planes: Small - 0, Medium - 22, Big - 0
    Helicopters: 2
    Searama: 0
    Cargo Bays:
    Small - 4, Medium size - 4
    We recieve:
    any type of plane

    Our planes:

    1x Rama-Falcon
    1x Rama-XS-SuperQuickie
    1x UltraLight AT
    2x GOLD-Sprinter
    3x Rama-XS-Quickie
    5x Ramaliner-Eclipse
    10x Cupid Arrow
    10x Cupid Arrow +
    2x Dedarama

    1x IC
    1x OLMP-Marathoner
    1x CHAMP-Marathoner

    5x Silver Flash
    6x Cupid Cannon
    15x Cupid Cannon +

    2x Mega Cupid +

    2x Ramacopter-Express
    2x Ramacopter-Steady
    1x Ramacopter-Seaking
    1x Cupid Harp

    1x Searama-Solo

    3x Cupid Wings
    1x Rama Global Cargo
    3x Rama-XS-Cargo
    2x Rama-M-Cargo
    1x Santa
    Totally: 81 planes
    Space: 86 planes (5 free)
    Last update: 25.5.2019

    New plane
    Plane will be replaced soon

    None. To be a partner, just send FlyBy when we are online

    Current projects

    AquaCity AirRelax
    Slip n' Sky
    Aqua Pass
    Progress: 10%

    Work in progress...

    Finished projects

    L-Planes - unification of airport (cargo)
    Large cargo bays, runaways

    Full transform to L-Bays only
    Progress: 100%

    Frostbite Weeks Event 2019/2020
    1x Champ - Marathoner
    2x Arctic Landing Pad

    Progress: 100%

    Football Weeks Event 2019
    1x 777 - Slovakia
    25x Spaceship One

    Progress: 100%

    Flashback Event XIV

    2x Dedarama
    Progress: 100%


    Gold Medal Weeks Event 2019
    3x CHAMP - Marathoner
    Hall of Fame
    Progress: 0%
    Cancelled due operational problems

    Love in the Sky Weeks Event 2019
    10x Cupid Arrow
    10x Cupid Arrow +
    10x Cupid Cannon
    10x Cupid Cannon +

    Progress: 200%
    Note: Plus versions weren't expected.

    L-Planes - unification of airport (passenger)

    Large passenger bays, runaways
    Planned: full transform to L-Bays only
    Progress: 100%


    Reconstruction and reorganization I
    Beta testing of Modulo Design 2.0
    Progress: 100%

    We are moving to the English forum.
    We started a HUGE project to create a new concept of promtion our flights and plane categories!
    We also work on membership system and we are also looking for new partner
    More info soon!
    The High quality Fast Flight (Rýchlik vyššej kvality) category is canceled due to the restructuring of the flight offer concept.
    Update of flight caregories! Our plane park is now more unified.
    Are you ready for a revolution? We are. Try our new plane Spaceship One. Modern, fast, quiet, comfortable.
    Revolution begins today!

    Modulo Design
    Modulo Design is design guide created by us, to organize our airport. We try to create pure simple design that is moddable as airport is getting bigger. If airport is getting bigger, there is no need to reorganize half of your airport. Just add another module - it's simple!

    Modulo 1.0
    Support of XS and M planes.

    Modulo 1.1
    + added support of Ramacopters

    Modulo 1.2
    + added support of Searama
    + less space-wasting organization

    Modulo 1.3
    + more runaways

    Modulo 1.4
    + added support of L planes - passenger
    + added support of L planes - cargo

    Modulo 2.0
    + much more trees
    + reduce of noise
    + purrer design
    + more Searama bays
    + more Ramacopter bays
    + more open-space design for future upgrades
    - only L bays and runaways

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  2. SkyHarrier

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    Hello LSSK,

    thanks for your introduction. :)
    And don't forget to place informations about the possibilities of your airport ( how many runways, parking bays for Cargo, XS, M, Water, Helicopter,..usual flight-times ).
    This will help your existing and potential Buddies developing a suitable plane-traffic

    I wish you a lot of fun in the game.
  3. jes-jes123

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  4. LSSK

    LSSK User

    We are back! After very very long break. And we will stay here as long as possible.
    /frienlist cleared/
  5. LSSK

    LSSK User

    Upgrade of airport.
  6. LSSK

    LSSK User

    Update of main page:
    -updated categories
    -added planes and its pictures
  7. LSSK

    LSSK User

    Thanks to everyone who sent me plane(s) today (14.12.2019). I really appreciate it. It gives me hope that this game isn't dead and it has great community. I tried to sent back some planes to everyone but i dont have many of them.
    THANKS A LOT to everyone :)
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  8. Added :)

    I'm at level 67 currently
    ID: Whitenyte
    My airport currently has:
    5 medium bays
    5 large bays
    3 medium cargo bays
    1 large cargo bay
    2 helipads
    1 sea landing strip

    I'm on daily for many many hours :)
  9. LSSK

    LSSK User

    - added list of all planes
  10. LSSK

    LSSK User

    - new info
    - updated plane list
  11. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    This game is not dead.. so far from it.. and it will never die if it is up to me.. if you have any doubts.. then just take a look in '' players corner '' ;-)
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