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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ~NightHawk~, Mar 17, 2024.

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  1. josant

    josant User

    Quando está merda acaba :mad:
  2. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    as already mentioned after the event start on Thursday, we have pushed the problem to the technical department and pointed out the state that the game is completely unplayable.

    However, there is nothing more at the moment that we can do than frequently asking again and again and waiting for a response of them. I really hope that the problem will be fixed in some way on Monday.

    Kind regards,
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  3. I Totally agree.
    There will be even higher XP days on the next weekend.
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  4. BLONDI2011

    BLONDI2011 User

    Unfortunately, we can write and write, BP ignores players and they do whatever they want.

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  5. I can't enter the game :(
  6. @~NightHawk~ when the game is available again, please make it so there is another 125% happy hour event, some people have been waiting for one for days and when the new event started is when it came out, but obviously the game became unplayable at that point...
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  7. bojour

    bojour User

    Interesting that a game that is played 7 days a week,, only has support on 2 or 3 days of the week..Started the fix and took a break for the weekend to resume on Monday....o_Oo_O..Seriously...To be honest,, this type of thing doesn't surprise me anymore.. Many folks including myself have lost QS time because of this issue....Lets go....
  8. Fergusson

    Fergusson User

    Hi!I'm a new player. Calm down people. Everything will be fine one day. One of my American friends, if I understood correctly, says that one of the big servers in New York gave up due to overload and they're trying to make another server instead, probably the Skyrama icon was lost there too. They're trying to work faster to get everything working again, including this game. I asked him if the servers are in New York, he says he knows yes. Well, then we'll wait.
  9. We can finally play today. Should we get QS or will it break down again and we will lose it too?
  10. Ayshel_57

    Ayshel_57 User

    My loading screen is still black..
  11. It worked for a couple of minutes to clear my runways, the event became active again and it crashes again.......
  12. RegginaAir

    RegginaAir User

    problem again,
  13. Yup no change made us happy with a bonuscode and the same problems.
  14. topgun123

    topgun123 User

    Good morning ~NightHawk~,
    I saw that the event has been eliminated (it seems like the best solution to me;)) and we hope to be able to continue playing without problems.

    I have a suggestion to recover all the XP not collected last weekend (300% Sat and 300% Sun)...... as follows:
    29/03 - -- PE 400%
    30/03 - -- PE 500%
    31/03 - -- PE 600%

    Can we try to propose it to the upper levels?:p
    (as long as it doesn't cause other problems for the game... otherwise we'll leave it as it is!!:D)

    Kind regards
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  15. Ayshel_57

    Ayshel_57 User

    The game works again with you guys ? Still black screen during loading here
  16. Gergő0721

    Gergő0721 User

    Hello ~NightHawk~!

    I'd like to write about three things.

    Firstly, Thank You and the tech team so much, I'm glad to see the game is playable.

    Secondly, I would like to ask you, about the EAS-SB1 plane. The game is showing 10h:10m flight time about it and in the forum, (Announcments, or FAQ) we can see only 10h:00m flight time. Which is true then? :D If the forum will be true, can you fix it this?

    Lastly, I see in the previous events had a few new planes. I'm glad to see them, but there are so much kind of planes, why you just "repaint" and "reparam" three times only Bumblebee or Green Hawk; OLMP-Sprinter or GOLD-Sprinter; and ICE Nipper or ICE Frost Nipper?
    As a note, I'd like to see for example, 1930's Mulligan in grey like in the first picture. Or the MillionAir X in white and blue like in the second picture (and the surrounding planes). ;)

    Thank you for your answer in advance.

  17. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello Gergő0721,

    the issue with the wrong flight time should have been fixed in the meantime.

    Concerning the new planes we hope that we can further increase the diversity of new planes and also their type and not only the color schemes ;).

    Kind regards,
  18. Gergő0721

    Gergő0721 User

    Hello ~NightHawk~!

    Thank you for your answer. About the flight time yes, I saw it. :) It's good to see there are plans with new planes. :)

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