Problems after maintenance work

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Flight-Attendant, Feb 9, 2023.

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  1. Hello!

    It's not just a lack of competence, there are also quite serious mistakes that they haven't been able to correct for a long time. Many countries are not even on the map, which they don't even know, why don't they? Well, instead of school, they learned stupid things instead of geography. If I I would create a game, not only countries, but I would mark all the airports of that country with a red dot. country, only those that are actually very walkable. For example, Germany: Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Dortmund, etc. But since 2009, it's been very crappy like this.
  2. Fastflow

    Fastflow User

    Hi, all

    Here is the latest update I was sent by email from support on Saturday after asking them a few questions about the problems. Maybe it will offer some reassurance to players as follows:

    'thanks for your feedback. The problems indeed affect many players, there have been a few hundred to ticket reports within the last weeks.
    I am no technician and do not know anything about the coding of the game, but I personally think that currently the largest problem is that the technical department is not able to reproduce the problems in a deterministic way. This makes it very difficult to find their source and would also limit the use of a live testing with only some accounts.
    I really hope that next week will finally bring us closer to the solution of the problems.'

    I do believe that they are still trying to resolve the problems. We must just be patience and give them some time to try out more fixes.
    I’ve not read anything that suggests they intend to shut down the game.
  3. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    just a remark concerning the speculations about an end of the game that came up in the last hours/days and were removed due to their incorrectness. A shutdown of the game has never been an option until now and there are no hints that Bigpoint tends to such a step. The technical department and especially we are engaged to find a solution for the current problems, even if that takes its time.
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  4. pops7070

    pops7070 User

    User ID 10407817
    Name: pops7070

    Having issues keeping my game from crashing saying reload
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  5. malu5549

    malu5549 User

    Shortly after starting the game, I have to constantly restart it.
    ID 13061860
  6. but anyway! it is not possible yesterday and this morning the game was disconnecting from the servers every 5 minutes and sometimes every 10 minutes; now it disconnects and you have to reload every 60 seconds!!!! If this is the effect of maintenance forget it, even every 30 seconds some times. At this point two things: either forget about the updates/maintenance or disconnect the game for the time necessary for work. You can't play 3 days if you're lucky and stay still for 4 days because you play with maintenance in place. I entered the game to have fun and relax not for all this. I hope you take note and provide.
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  7. Yes I also suffer from I have also seen this 12 times Technical error
    Oh, a technical error has occurred. Reload the game!

    ID 13141903
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  8. The game still does not work. Could you let me know when the game will work properly if the game works properly again one day please?
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  9. Technical error
    A technical error has occurred. Please restart the game.

    Nom : François85, ID utilisateur : 12951823
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  10. bojour

    bojour User

    Any update on the situation ? Have not been able to play for 5 days now...:mad:
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  11. Ainyska

    Ainyska User

    We want a clear answer as to what is happening and when it will finally end, not answers like, be patient, we need time and the like, we still have no information and the problems have been going on for too long, people are already really upset! Please face up this problem.
    This is really unbearable! :mad:
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  12. dyllan30m

    dyllan30m User

    a few signatures should be collected and a complaint made. every user has invested money and time in this game. it is unacceptable
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  13. Parzival

    Parzival User

    Definitely expecting some sort of compensation that's for sure.
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  14. I agree. Maybe an indemnity like 48 hours of quick service with the addition of 10,000 aircoins or 150 aircash
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  15. Have you considered creating a similar game? Because since the game can't work at all, maybe we could make a new and better game? Personally, I am learning to use C# with the aim of creating a similar or even better game. But for me to get it out it will take a few months or even a few years.
  16. qQBb

    qQBb User

  17. Myrtve

    Myrtve User

    48 hours of quick service was already here, unfortunately to no avail, because the game kept shutting down. So YES, compensation yes, but it will remove all problems
  18. bojour

    bojour User

    It still puzzles me that almost a week ago, during a brief maintenance window a change or changes was made and since then Countless users reported the Technical Error issue with myself included and the folks responsible cannot undo the changes ?? I'm guessing its not worth much time and effort on fixing a Game that alot of folks put alot of money and effort into creating such an AWesome and CooL community that I enjoy very much... I really do hope this issue can be rectified much more quickly...And even if there is no update on the issue, staying in touch will be better than the silent treatment and making us feel betrayed and drawing to alot of conclusions...Miss flying with my friends.. Thanks for reading my thoughts on the matter..
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  19. MartinGR80

    MartinGR80 User

    enough!!!, how much can you tolerate such a state of play. first half of january with problems, and now again. at my airport I can service a maximum of two returning planes, no matter if they are mine or from a friend:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  20. you can avoid the technical errors with a lot patience. (as i already mentioned friday last week) ;)

    1. land a plane and place it at a bay
    2. wait 3-5 seconds
    3. take the goods (souvenirs, goods, upgrade items, valentine gift) one at a time with 3-5 seconds between.
    picking up all 2-4 together causes the technical error.

    4. after you picked those items up you can even use quickservice without any problem.
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