Problems after maintenance work

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Flight-Attendant, Feb 9, 2023.

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  1. ervano

    ervano User

    A little bit communication about updates seems nice and informative.
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  2. nmk4

    nmk4 User

    1.69 güncellemesini yükledim ama eski sorunlar devam ediyor. Ayrıca güncelleme hiçbir yenilik getirmemiş.
  3. maontje

    maontje User

    Don't understand a word you write. this is an english forum pls write in english
  4. mac40612

    mac40612 User

    Agreed, what you said, we are lazy and cannot do Google Translate, actually I did, Turkish to English:

    I installed the update but the old problems persist. Also, the update did not bring any innovations.
  5. gijs00x

    gijs00x User

    how come that i never receive any planes from anyone when i put my light on green? its been weeks
  6. maontje

    maontje User

    I can use a translater. There are some sections in this forums to talk in your own language. Good for you
  7. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- User

    This is really ridiculous. There's lilterally zero visible effort to fix this issue, zero communication, there's nothing. If I said what I think about it I'd get banned. To say that the developers don't care is an understatement, they are just pooping on us. I have a several amount of planes that I need to get upgraded, I care not about the stats itself that much but the flight time, which is frustrating if it is not unified on the same plane fleet. While I don't want to criticise the moderator because it's not his fault, he should, in my opinion, be some kind of a link between the players and the developers, yet we hear nothing from them or the moderators. Obviously the developers don't care about the players, then the moderators should push the developers to do their goddamn job. How are we supposed to pay for another quick service, aircash or anything else with real life money, when we are not guaranteed the game will be working tomorrow? Isn't it in their own interest to fix this god damn problem? It's been literally months. You are selling us a faulted product *continuously* for months already and nobody does anything about it. Therefore, I refuse to play this game until it is fixed (if it ever gets fixed in the first place, ffs) and I encourage others to at least consider if they are willing to pay and thereby support the lazy developers who not only don't fix the problem, they don't even communicate about it at all. If they at least said what's going on and why it isn't fixed yet, I would have much more understanding, but instead you let the players stay in uncertainity. I have been playing this game since the start and I am sad to see it in this current state, the game has in my opinion been declining in recent years but this might actually be the first big sign of a nearing end for this game. Fix it, inform us, or do something about it, the incompetence is laughable at this point.
  8. bojour

    bojour User

    I dont even think they are doing anything at this point...maybe the game is really coming to an end sooner or later..o_O
  9. dyllan30m

    dyllan30m User

    they make fun of us !!!!
    I think it's better to make a ticket directly to BP
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  10. dyllan30m

    dyllan30m User

    and load the accounts with happy houro_Oo_O
  11. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    We fully support, me and 6 of my friends are deleting the game, because the developers do not care about us, and we are investing money. It makes no sense.
  12. gotuzil49

    gotuzil49 User

    Even when I kinda don´t like you (you blocked me because I offered you help in your quest, like wth is that), I still have to support you. Finnally some brave man told Bugpoint what we all think, but are afraid to say.
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  13. well , its been a while when the problem began , and now what ? Nothing , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING , i have planes to tune it but my parts never come back , seems like no one cares
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  14. maontje

    maontje User

    And yet you still play the game. It does not matter to them if you delete the game or not. They only care about the money it stil brings them. This is there way to slowly kill the game and end it.
  15. bojour

    bojour User

    Yeap..that's the nagging vibes I am getting...No resolution to an issue that is almost 4 months old and no updates..Feels like they need an excuse to get players to abandon the game and create an excuse to shut the game down (Slow death)...The lack of support from the Technical team is also a dead give away...We had issues in the past, but nothing like this one...Just awaiting the Funeral date at this point..;):(
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  16. pengő99

    pengő99 User

    They should really do something with this. I have completely stopped buying aircash until they fix this, when I run out of them ( have 158 left ) and not able to buy quick services anymore, I'll just stop playing the game. They had so many months to fix 1 issue out of multiple ones the game has rignt now.
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  17. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    the problem with the Engineering Bay should have been fixed today afternoon. You should all have your stock of tuning parts back now.

    Kind regards,
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  18. Pardis22

    Pardis22 User

    Sometimes like just now, when I log out from the game when I log in again, the game doesn't want to reload or sometimes it takes a lot of time. Do you have a solution please?
  19. Hi, after the update, the same as the previous guy: it takes ages to load the game. First login was great, everything went smooth, everything was downloaded perfectly, but the only problem was, that my planes were coming out of hangar very slowly, like it took 5 seconds for a single plane to finally get out of hangar and I could start servicing it. After a minute I thought, that refreshing the page would help, but it only made everything worse... Suddenly downloading all the images and designs took way too long. The first minute or 2, when I wanted to send a plane, I only got empty squares with name and Send!. When I clicked on any plane to send, nothing happened. Tried clicking several times, nothing again. So I went to shop, the same thing. Tried clicking on event details, to see if at least event planes were loaded, but it didn't even open the window with event. So for the minute or 2 I was just waiting for something to happen. When I opened engineering bay, I finally got any images. So I went back to send planes, and they started to download and show their designs, one at a time... And let me tell you, that it's not a problem with my internet connection. It's stable and pretty fast. It might be a problem on server side. So yeah, all in all, to load a plane's design = 2sec, send that plane = another 4sec.
    Previously all the designs were loaded as I entered send plane section, now I had to get through all the planes and wait for them to load.
    But yeah, we've got back our parts, but anyway, in my opinion, this was just a "hot-fix" not an actual solution. But still better than nothing
    P.S. for some reason, when I opened the game today (after a long time), I had almost 100 event currency. Probably from the previous event, that was not spend.
  20. gijs00x

    gijs00x User

    ive got 2 planes stuck on my runway. if i reload the game i can service them but then the button goes away and they stay there.
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