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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by skyrama2018, Aug 17, 2020.

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  1. Hi there may be new main assignments coming. I finished them all yesterday.

    Best regards Skyrama2018
  2. maontje

    maontje User

    Are there more new missions comming?
  3. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    currently there are no new missions upcoming, but of course there might be some point in the future where there will be some missions again.

    Kind regards,
  4. vargo76

    vargo76 User

    A year as gone by and still there are no new missions. That would actually make the game way more interesting and fun. Whoever is in charge should actually consider it. Missions will keep more players active.
  5. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    In most games, like other people, they keep me as the basis of their tasks in the course of development, after reaching 70ur and completing all the quests, you will start to enter the game less often, as a result, you can delete it in everything. Quests 2.0 would revive the players, we need really hard quests to complete, for which the rewards will be worthy. For 1000 experience at high levels, no one will strain.
    If necessary, the players themselves can offer quest lines, and you just have to weed out the excess and add it to the game without thinking for years =) We are looking forward to when they start working on this game!
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  6. dyllan30m

    dyllan30m User

    let's be serious about this game, no one cares about it, happy hour... it works, events don't. I still play farmerama from BP... I'm way ahead of skyrama... although I think they're about the same age... there you can... new quests, many events... here everything is waste. SIN