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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ~NightHawk~, May 7, 2021.

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  1. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

  2. mall5

    mall5 User

    Are you going to add more planes...The options are very limited...
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  3. supreme34

    supreme34 User

    Hello, good evening. Will large aircraft be added to the assembly hangar?
  4. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello supreme34,

    there are currently no plans to offer the L-plane in the assembly hall.

    Kind regards,
  5. supreme34

    supreme34 User

    ok thank you ;)
  6. olandiano

    olandiano User

    The correct answer to the first question was:

    Question: How many red dots does the image of the "electronics" material (which is used for building L-planes) show?
    Answer: 3

    This information could be found in the corresponding FAQ L-Planes.

    The correct answer to the second question was:

    Question: At which level is the last map expansion unlocked which gives additional 2x2 fields?
    Answer: Level 24

    This information could be found in the corresponding FAQ Expansion.

    Yesterday's winners are:
    • 1st place (350 Aircash): astra234 (ID: 753318)
    • 2nd place (350 Aircash): mexicoco (ID: 13563283), prize booked for Flainor (ID: 13505030)
    • 3rd place (250 Aircash): ervano (ID: 8811688)
    • 4th place (250 Aircash): vonera (ID: 12831574)
    • 5th place (150 Aircash): Che-Guevara (ID: 12773482), prize booked for marida (ID: 1991724)
    • 6th place (150 Aircash): miki1570 (ID: 7829978)
    • 7th place (48h Quickservice): adriaan3 (ID: 4925720)
    • 8th place (48h Quickservice): mickie25 (ID: 5224824)
    • 9th place (48h Quickservice): embas (ID: 10490076)
    • 10th place (48h Quickservice): tino64 (ID: 1971163)
    • 11th place (48h Quickservice): olandiano (ID: 10902998), prize booked for Inni. (ID: 5635318)
    • 12th place (48h Quickservice): .piocu.100. (ID: 9677875)
    • 13th place (48h Quickservice): PopAlexCristian (ID: 9863072)
    • 14th place (48h Quickservice): topgun123 (ID: 8290646)
    • 15th place (48h Quickservice): billymeletiou2 (ID: 10926706), prize booked for nmeletiou (ID: 12071296)
    • 16th place (48h Quickservice): pernahajder (ID: 1186000)

    Today's winners are:
    • 1st place (350 Aircash): audi80td (ID: 12506247)
    • 2nd place (350 Aircash): ptiprince (ID: 2295125), prize booked for ptiprince2 (ID: 13083715)
    • 3rd place (250 Aircash): echo0408 (ID: 7347321)
    • 4th place (250 Aircash): pilotina65 (ID: 13494893)
    • 5rd place (150 Aircash): PopAlexCristian (ID: 9863072)
    • 6th place (150 Aircash): tino64 (ID: 1971163)
    • 7th place (48h Quickservice): michielvde (ID: 12297741)
    • 8th place (48h Quickservice): billymeletiou2 (ID: 10926706), prize booked for nmeletiou (ID: 12071296)
    • 9th place (48h Quickservice): Δημήτρης63 (ID: 11499387), prize booked for Κώτσος (ID: 7528462)
    • 10th place (48h Quickservice): beernarie1990 (ID: 11518368)
    • 11th place (48h Quickservice): renmon (ID: 12465951)
    • 12th place (48h Quickservice): -NewBlood- (ID: 2035428)
    • 13th place (48h Quickservice): k2pard (ID: 13357981)
    • 14th place (48h Quickservice): apa55 (ID: 7831699)
    • 15th place (48h Quickservice): poptcristian (ID: 9834883)
    • 16th place (48h Quickservice): mexicoco (ID: 13563283), prize booked for Flainor (ID: 13505030)
    The prizes will be booked today evening or tomorrow.

    The Quickservice prizes will be booked in form of Aircash so that you can decide when you want to use it :).

    Congratulations to our winners! :)

    Goodmorning moderators,
    I would thank you for the Birthday contest,and also for the prices we have got..

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  7. I loud my airport ....but it's all black...!!...why..??......HELP

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