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  1. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    For the buddies and friends of jank1961 : Hello, my name is Laila from Aarhus in Denmark and a friend in real life of Jan. It has been given to me and layed upon me to inform you all that Jan has been infected by the corona / covid-19 virus and have been hospitalized in intensive care since early september and at present time it is not known if he's gonna survive it or not. I am truly so very sorry and it is with great sadness that i write these lines to let you all know, but Jan asked me to do so and also to send his greetings and kind regards to you all and that goes for me too. Until Jan hopefully returns and recovers in full and complete from the corona / covid-19 virus i will service his airport from time to time. Stay safe and well and take really good care of you.

    with friendly love and kind regards and on the behalf of jank1961 / Jan

  2. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Hello Laila, i am very sorry to hear that. It hearts me , i hope he survive it. We missed him on the forum very much. I hope with all my heart he recover completely and see him back very soon. send our greetings and love to Jan from me (olandiano and my partner Jet Jumbo) and give him a big hug from us, Thanks for the message. Stay safe also Laila, and all the best for Jan and for you.And i hope we see him soon.
  3. Jet-Jumbo

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  4. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Dear Laila,

    on behalf of the whole team I would also like to wish Jan all the best and hope that he will entirely recover soon!

    Kind regards,
  5. frank13261

    frank13261 User

    Best wishes from germany. Get well soon!

  6. dany2376

    dany2376 User

    un abrazo desde españa ..... mucho animo
  7. Jet-Jumbo

    Jet-Jumbo User

  8. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Hello again everyone. I have just received some wonderful news about jank1961 / Jan. He has been taken out of intensive care and moved to the rehab unit where he will stay isolated for next two weeks to be sure he has recovered in full and before he can return home. I just thought you all should know and also know this, it's the last time i write to you for jank1961 / Jan, next time it will be Jan himself and i will also leave all your posts here for Jan to reply and respond to. jank1961 / Jan sends his greetings & kind regards to you all & he will be back at his airport on saturday, that's halloween, sounds pretty scary if you ask me. All for now, stay safe and well and take care.

    kind regards

  9. Jet-Jumbo

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  10. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Thats really wonderful news , we are waiting for him. Thanks for your messages Laila,all the best and take care also.

    For Jan...

  11. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Awww.. my dear skyrama buddies & friends.. thank you so very much to each & everyone of you.. so very kind, nice & sweet of you.. warms my heart & makes me misty eyed <3 i am still at the hospital & i will be at the rehab unit until friday the 13th november to recover from this corona / covid-19 completely & then i will retun home <3 first thing was to borrow a laptop from the hospital after being given a single room here at the rehab unit so i could be here as i used to on the xp days only ;-) i still have a lot of tests to go through & blood samples to give but we are being treated like kings & queens here.. this hospital is a 5 star hotel in all & everything.. & i am really amazed to see how the staff is handling this virus.. i can only thank them but i can't never thank them enough <3 it was a close call.. i was not attached to life support unit but only with the oxygne mask to ease my breathing.. inspite of the corona & being striked by it i feel lucky.. some are in much worse condition than i am & i can only hope & pray that they all will survive it.. not only here in Denmark but all over the world.. & hopefully we will overcome this corona & return to life as it used to be but in writing moment i am not so sure when i see how the numbers are climbing of those who being infected & those who do not survive it.. for me a wake up call & not to take anything for granted.. how fragile we all really are & it can happen to anyone of us.. & he was so right when he said.. when death smiles at you.. all you can do is to smile back.. so dear all.. be careful & take really good care of you & all your loved ones.. stay safe & well <3

    My best wishes for all of you.. always.. in all ways.. kind regards & love always <3

  12. olandiano

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  13. Jet-Jumbo

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  14. flightzero

    flightzero User

    [​IMG]Kindly regards Margot
  15. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Dear all.. from my heart.. once again thank you so very much for all your comments & posts.. brings & give me belief & hope to get by & well soon <3 excuse me for not replying & responding before now.. sorry about that.. but i was waiting for my brother to bring me a laptop i can have with me all the time while i am here at the hospital.. so now i can be here when not going for blood samples or tests.. i also have some excercise & training to do but besides that nothing much is going on here cuz you are not allowed to leave your room on your own.. all is brought to you & i must admit i could get used to that ;-) besides that & inspite of it all i do feel a little bit better today.. the fever has gone & no more pain.. i still have some issues with breathing from time to time but it's only a matter of time before it will turn to normal the doc says.. so all in all.. all is ok & looking good so far.. as i am & feel right now i think i get by & i will be well soon ;-)

    All for now.. i wish you all a fabulous friday & a wonderful weekend.. stay safe & well & take care <3

    from all of me to all of you.. warm greetings & kind regards <3

  16. Jet-Jumbo

    Jet-Jumbo User

  17. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Dear freinds.. i might have been a litle too fast as i thought i could be in the game when being here at the rehab unit trying to get by & well from this corona / covid-19.. but i am still very exhausted & tired after the treatment so i can't be here at skyrama too long at a time as i am having some after / side effects such as a very bad headache most of time & the bad headache makes me forget even simple things.. one thing is for sure.. i do not wish this for any not even for my enemies ;-) all for now.. hope all is ok with you.. stay safe & well & take care <3

    kind regards

  18. seanmartin

    seanmartin User

    God bedring :)
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  19. Kimmy

    Kimmy User

    God bedring mvh Kimjørgen
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  20. Jet-Jumbo

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