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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SirMaxeN, Nov 9, 2020.

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  1. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    I wouldn't have thought of that :cool::):D
  2. Mamesz25

    Mamesz25 User

    Have a nice day!
    Why is it that one airport can be opened without a hitch, but the others only appear with a gray window?
  3. Tommen64

    Tommen64 User

    Can anybody help me
    I have downloaded the 64 bit version and get to the game, but the FULL SCREEN function does NOT work.
  4. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    Its only beta version, it doesn't work for anyone ;)
  5. kimamia

    kimamia User

    I have Windows 10 and the client cannot be installed. He still writes: "cannot retrieve remote tree"
  6. michielvde

    michielvde User

    It works when I disable all privacy settings :).
  7. i can't get past the adobe flash player screen as well.....
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  8. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    After a few plays, I got a flash player screen as well...
  9. Iziiah

    Iziiah User

    Same here has anyone got a solution?
  10. andre!9797

    andre!9797 User

    I have the problem too
  11. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    Hi folks, we have passed on the problem with the Plash player Symbols. Usually it disappears by itself after a while and you can play as usual. :)

    We hope that the problem can be fixed with the new update. :)

    Kind regards,
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  12. Purrhaps a little less talk and a bit more action !!!
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  13. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Absolutely.. & please keep us updated when the client is fully working thank you so much.. have a nice day ;-)

    kind regards

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  14. olandiano

    olandiano User

    I have a question to a moderator.
    A buddy from me have a Apple pc, and told me its not working with him , the new client. Is there something to do about it ? And when its not now at the moment, maybe later?
    Thanks in advance.
  15. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    We proposed to consider a solution for Apple users as well but there has not been any decision yet. At the moment, the client is only available for Windows.

    Kind regards,
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  16. Rembri

    Rembri User

    Buy a Windows PC then.....
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  17. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Okay, thanks Nighthawk..
  18. Lila1883

    Lila1883 User

    I'm bored. I downloaded the Skyrama client on my notebook but it doesn't work. Maybe I don't have enough memory, I don't know. But I'm sad because I already bought a lot of aero-dollars in that game, and to know that I won't be able to play anymore. I hope you can find another solution so that I and many other players can continue playing.
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  19. lclthierry

    lclthierry User

    l'affichage plein écran ne fonctionne toujours pas.

    full screen display does not always work.
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  20. mik05

    mik05 User

    When I log in from the skyrama launcher, the screen appears telling me to activate the adobe flash player and it won't load the game, you can help me. Since I would like to play it even after the end of support for adobe flash player 2020.
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