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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SirMaxeN, Nov 9, 2020.

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  1. Iceman1730

    Iceman1730 User

    and the game is so slow to load :eek:
    Update. OMG, 5 minutes still not possible to play What's happening???
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  2. Dave11116

    Dave11116 User

    I tried to download i got too first screen and it says "can not find remote tree" only option is to quit the download. So how do i fix it. i got it to install but as soon as i open it i get another error "driver components mis-match. Exit is only option". so i can not play it. I have removed it then re-installed and it is the same thing "driver components mis-match. Exit is only option". So i don't know what to do now.
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  3. Iceman1730

    Iceman1730 User

    48 minutes later...not 1 plane landed since ! :mad::mad::mad:
  4. Dave11116

    Dave11116 User

    What versions of Windows i have windows 7 and it will not play i get error "driver components mis-match. Exit is only option" This was the 64 bit version. Now i downloaded the 32 bit and it loads something called Piratestorm so this thing needs some serious work guys.
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  5. What news on a Mac version please
  6. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    in case you have trouble with installing the client, it would be helpful if you could include a screenshot of the problem here. This makes it easier for us to determine where in the process the error occurs and what might be a solution to it.

    Kind regards,
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  7. I cant pass the "get abode flash player screen"
  8. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    I'll write some tweaks from that new client here.

    Right Click - Forward, Back, Reload, Stop, Copy, Paste

    In the left corner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    Full Screen
    Zoom in

    Clear cache

    ? - Version of client
  9. SirMaxeN

    SirMaxeN User

    This is not a place to write tips and tricks... People here can't even open or install game. This is Bug Reports forum so if u want to show off that your client working, find or start another thread
  10. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    Not problem, just i writed here
  11. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Hello Nighthawk, and other mods.
    Yesterday downloaded the new client and there where no problems.:)
    The same today....
    I have Windows 8.1 , 64Bits..
    Send about 400 cargo planes and downloaded again, no problems...
    I have make also 3 XL Doppels, and it worked very well, also without problems...
    The only thing i missed are the arrows on the forum for going back and further..
    So till now everything its okay..not bad for a Beta version..:)
    So many thanks ...
    kind regards,
  12. SirMaxeN

    SirMaxeN User

    Like I said 'Bug Report' section, not 'Show Off' section. If everyone started to write what they like or what works for them where they want, there would be a terrible chaos on the forum, that's why there are divisions.
  13. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    I'm happy with that too. :)
    I have Windows 10 64Bit

    I have faster loading than in google. :) :D
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  14. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    I have cleaned up a bit again ;). Mainly, this topic is intended to report problems with the client. But of course you can also post some positive feedback, when everything is working for you and especially if you also tested some functions beside sending and receiving planes. Nevertheless, as long as you do not post any kind of problem report, we assume the client is running well for you :rolleyes:.

    By the way, also already known is that buying Aircash via the client does not work properly yet.

    Kind regards,
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  15. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Until the client is fully working i will keep playing the browser version.. i can't play my airport without the full screen & i can't play without quickservice / aircash.. so if this is not fixed before the 1st January 2021 i will stop playing until all is fixed ;-)

    kind regards

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  16. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    All is working how you say, but full screen no so im playing in chrome :)
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  17. Tommen64

    Tommen64 User

    I have downloaded the 64 bit version and get to the game, but the FULL SCREEN function does NOT work.
    Therefore, I can NOT play with the new version
    Can you help me here, or do I have to wait for a newer updated version that works better.
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  18. Montforts

    Montforts User

    I get an error message during the installation around 66%. When I aknowledge to skip the error it goes to 100%.

    yet, the game works when I start it up ?

    anyone seen the same thing ?
  19. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama


    please read the announcement before you post any feedback here!

    Full screen mode is just not supported yet but will be implemented in one of the next beta versions.

    Yes, also some other players noticed that. Nevertheless, this just seems to be the case for some but not for all.
    You should be able to just click "ignore" and everything will proceed successfully.

    Kind regards,
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  20. Dave11116

    Dave11116 User

    I have tried to download the client 20 times and it will NOT work i get error "driver components mis-match. Exit is only option" This was the 64 bit version. Now i downloaded the 32 bit and it loads something called Piratestorm which is a blank file so this thing needs some serious work guys.
    Why is everyone else able to load this but I can not??????????????????????
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