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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by ~NightHawk~, May 15, 2017.

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  1. petrkos8

    petrkos8 User

    Yes, agree
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  2. I want the ice planes again! Those were so good!
    I wasnt here 3 years ago but if someone likes music i'd love music too! TBH i love music!
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  3. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B User

    Need the Movie Star event again.
  4. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B User

    Airline Weeks for me!
    I need to get that plane again

    Yeah! I listened to the music and it was good!
    The Halloween music was unsatisfying and even I got tired of that music.
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  5. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B User

    Airline Weeks!
  6. As per the title I would like to suggest the last plane needed for the coming Flashback events.

    Medium plane:
    [​IMG] VIP (Very Important Plane)

    Please feel free to choose any new XL Plane, as well.
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  7. More planes to halloween and valentine (I think) and XXL planes :)
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  8. I would very much like you to put the 777GB-WLS back.
  9. maontje

    maontje User

    Maybe next event bring the darkfyre planes back
  10. viktor402

    viktor402 User

    I would like to see the following planes back:
    • Astrotrain
    • Big Arrow Q4
    • Cupid Wings Plus
    • Gold Swimmer
    • Ice Skater X20
    • MantAir 1
    • Neptune 5
    • Skykea
    • Sonic Needle
    • Spaceship One
    • StreamAir Ultra
    • Stratos 4
    • White Orbig M
  11. viktor402

    viktor402 User

    I would also like to see the following planes back some time:

    Cargo copters like
    • Hinderburg
    • Ho-Ho Heli
    • Skykea
    It's been a long time since we've seen them. Very unfortunate the Ho-Ho Heli wasn't in the winter event.

    I would also like to see a return of:
    • Sky Wolf
    • Star Wolf
    • ZP: Laughing Hyena
    • Darkfyre Thopter
    • Stratos 4
    • Amphibee-O B-200
    • Neptune 5
  12. Gergő0721

    Gergő0721 User

    Hello everyone!

    A made a spreadsheet for myself about the (S, M, few helicopters and water) event planes in March in 2020, and there are still more planes which we can't buy. (Didn't have any chance to get them.) For this reason I would like to see the following planes back some time:

    - Winterexpress
    - Romant-O-Rama
    - Bee's Knee
    - Shipper-PA-13
    - Afrarama
    - Jetstream HP-1
    - Airfrica S360
    - Airluminum
    - ICE Nipper

    - Oldtimer
    - Silver Streak
    - Sumo
    - Cat's Pajamas
    - McDowell-PA-21

    - Wintercopter

    - ICE Aqua
    - ICE Frost Aqua

    Thank you so much if all planes will be available earlier or later, but in this year. :)
  13. sonja07-08

    sonja07-08 User

    Wanneer start het
  14. Gergő0721

    Gergő0721 User

    Hello everyone!

    As a wishlist I would like to see theese planes in Flashback events. I hope I'll see theese planes in this year.

    XS planes:
    - Romant-O-Rama
    - All kinds of UltraLights
    - Dr Decker
    - Albert Ross
    - Draco
    - Eurofire
    - Air Spear
    - Barrel Plane
    - X-Ray S1
    - HoppAir X1
    - Fury
    - Jetliner AX18

    M planes:
    - Bogus 737
    - Zero G
    - Goliath
    - Aero Dumbbell
    - Glide-Air SK21
    - A32X
    - Raisin Bomber
    - Sparring 767
    - Aviator
    - Aerobus
    - A33X

    - Wintercopter
    - Chopper
    - Silverfox
    - Shinobi
    - AIRchild B105
    - GyroBond
    - Mohawk M60
    - Earwing
    - Rotocopter HOB-46
    - Montgolfier Balloon
    - Turbeen
    - Bi-Helli
    - Dragonfly

    - ICE Aqua
    - ICE Frost Aqua
    - Hip Hip Ha Plane
    - H2OCules
    - Tsunami

    Thank you so much.

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