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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by ~NightHawk~, Jun 30, 2021.

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  1. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Dear Airport Managers,

    please post here any feedback on the Flashback Event XIX!

    Your Skyrama Team
  2. supreme34

    supreme34 User

    hello admin ;) good day to all of you. I would like to ask you, we cannot make XXL aircraft that have been in operation for a long time in the hangar. Actually icetonav-1 is standing there with 2 events before. Please escalate this matter to BP managers. As before, let's produce XXL event aircraft in the hangar. thank you so much. Good luck to you all ;)
  3. olandiano

    olandiano User

    First i would not writing something, but i have to do it. What a event, :(..What kind off people working over there in Germany / China? I thought it couldn't worse then the other event, but it can, i see. In February we got an event with normal planes, and in May/June we got the Valentine event !!!! And now there is the European football event, its almost finish !! There are many countrys in and they don't play or played.!!!! What a shame...:mad::mad::mad:Maybe it was better they put the Christmas event in... They have celebrated 10 years birthday, but we don't have any new event for the last 4 years.!!! Some new planes we have got..thats all. I hope you give my feedback to the people in Germany who are responsable for this. I write it to our moderators,because i can not write it to the right persons, because i know for sure they don,t like it eather.

    Kind regards,

  4. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello supreme34,

    We have passed on the request and hope that the 2 L-planes will be added to the assembly hall. :)

    Kind regards,
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  5. Partyfoot

    Partyfoot User

    so let me get this right.. u made a event for the teams that was in the euro cup? now there are countrys missing that was in group play and alot of countrys that didnt get further then the group play? where is the scottish planes???
  6. Mini

    Mini User

    I agree with Partyfoot. Why is Scotland always overlooked in events with this company!!
  7. olandiano

    olandiano User

    The problem is that this event is from 2016, and not for now..they don't have this planes, but the fault is with the devs in germany, and not our mods. It was better not started this event , and put another in. Eastern o Christmas..:D
  8. Iceman1730

    Iceman1730 User

    Playing for over 1 hour without 1 Trophy !!! :mad::confused:

    Update... 1 trophy after 1,5h :D:D:D

    Part of the game I guess :rolleyes:
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  9. Karic

    Karic User

    On Thursday will be propably Olympic Games Event :cool::rolleyes:
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