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  1. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Are the long flights starting to get on your nerves? Well, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. The brand new super fuel of the future will have your planes jetting through the skies as fast as the wind.

    What level must I reach before I can use the new super fuel?

    You may use super fuel starting with level 3, and as soon as you reach level 3, you’ll receive 50 units completely free.

    I am already past level three. Will I also get the 50 free units of super fuel?

    Everyone past level three at the time of this update, will also receive 50 units of super fuel.

    My super fuel reserves are running low. Where do I get more?


    You may purchase more super fuel at any time in the shop. In addition, we worked on a refinery that you and your friends may use to manufacture super fuel on your own.


    How do I use super fuel?

    Whenever a plane is preparing for take-off, there will be an additional option to use super fuel.

    Can I fuel a plane with super fuel after take-off?

    No. Planes may only be fueled with super fuel while on the ground.

    Can I use super fuel on all planes?

    You may use it on all the planes in your fleet. You cannot, however, use it in your friends’ planes.

    How do I control how much super fuel is used per plane?

    There is an in-game display of your super fuel reserves. By clicking on the display, you can decide how much super fuel you wish to use.


    How do I avoid accidentally using super fuel?

    In the options section, where you may deactivate the quick service function, you may also deactivate the super fuel function.

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