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  1. ~NightHawk~

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    FAQ Aircash:

    • 1. What is Aircash and where can I get it?
    • 2. Benefits through Aircash
    • 3. Buying Aircash
    • 4. Payment problems

    1.) What is Aircash and where can I get it?

    Aircash is the premium currency in Skyrama.

    You will receive 2 Aircash at each level up. Furthermore, some quest rewards contain Aircash.

    Otherwise you have to buy Aircash in the payment shop against real money.

    2.) Benefits through Aircash
    • You can purchase the All you can quickservice for 24 hours (50 AC / 30 AC during events)
    • You can increase your hangar space to extend your fleet
    • You can purchase planes with better values in the shop
    • You can purchase landside buildings, airside buildings and decoration with better values in the shop
    • You can purchase super fuel
    • You can purchase part sets to upgrade your planes
    • You can purchase passengers
    • You can exchange Aircash into Aircoins
    • You can purchase landmarks and more backdrops for your airport
    • And much more ...

    3.) Buying Aircash

    At the top of the screen is a Aircash display.


    If you click the [​IMG] , you will be forwarded to the payment shop.

    Add an offer of your choice to the shopping list.


    Click "Proceed to checkout" to select a payment method.


    From country to country, some payment methods may be different.

    Now you just have to select a payment method and finish your purchase.

    If you buy Aircash by text message and you have a mobile phone with a contract it might be that you won't get your Aircash.
    Then it is possible that your provider has not unlocked this service.
    In this case, please contact your mobile phone provider.

    4.) Payment problems

    If you purchase Aircash but there is nothing credited on your ingame account you can contact the payment support.

    You just have to open the contact formular and enter the required information.

    You can find the contact formular here: https://ssl.bigpoint.net/paymentsupport/?action=userform&tid=0&lang=en

    Payment problems can not be solved in the forum, so please contact the payment support immediately.

    While waiting for the answer please check the spam/junkmail folder of your mail account, too.
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