Buddy Requests - 2024

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Dear Airport Managers,

    Please use this thread for new buddy requests :).

    What information should your post contain?
    • Your Ingame name
    • Your User ID
    • Your Country
    • Special requests (e.g. buddies from special countries)

    Please do not ask for planes or advertise your flight times here. There's a different thread for that ;).

    Your Skyrama Team
  2. Hello there,
    my ingame name: Fratziwear85
    Active player day by day
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  3. Username: Aviator747sp
    User ID: 334849
    Country: Greece
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  4. Kajluch

    Kajluch User

    Username: Kajluch
    User ID: 12296705
    Country: Poland
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  5. Mstallin

    Mstallin User

    help me anyone who wants to be my friend Mstallin add me
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  6. supergege

    supergege User

    Hi everyone!
    Username: supergege
    Used ID: 13137776
    Country: Brasil
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  7. Iman00b

    Iman00b User

    Username: Iman00b
    User ID: 13123182
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  8. Neirda31

    Neirda31 User

    hey everybody i'm online we can send plane !!!
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  9. Nantsen

    Nantsen User

    Username: Nantsen
    User ID: 13139109
    Country: Sweden
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  10. DANP

    DANP User

    hello i'm looking for active friends. i'm online everyday
    user id 13131132

    username: danp
    user id: 13131132
    country italy
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  11. Josaphine

    Josaphine User

    Hi, im looking for active friends to send me planes. Im online every day!
    Username: Josaphine
    ID: 3518123
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  12. Ber1Hei

    Ber1Hei User

    Username: Ber1Hei
    User ID: 12711120
    Country: Germany
    Lvl 76

    looking for new friends at level 60 +
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  13. pedroBR

    pedroBR User

    I play every day I need friends my ID=5682480

    Nome de usuário: pedro01019797
    ID de usuário:5682480
    País: Brazil
    Lvl 22
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  14. Bom Dia !!Bom Domingo !!
    ID de utilizador: 13008175
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  15. dadis2018

    dadis2018 User

    nome de usuario:dadis2018
    ID do Usuário: 13140984
    aceito a todos paises
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  16. divyanshi

    divyanshi User

    Hi, Im looking for new activ friends.
    Name: divyanshi, User ID: 10057381
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  17. phboos

    phboos User

    When on line i will allways send you some planes.
    Grt PH Boos
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  18. Franki1989

    Franki1989 User

    Username: Franki1989
    User ID: 12999471
    Country: Australia
    Special requests: Looking for active people anywhere in North America
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  19. jonski1382

    jonski1382 User

    Username: jonski1382
    User ID: 13141874
    Country: UK
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  20. juhl-kamp

    juhl-kamp User

    My ID: 2927854
    I would like to have more active buddies, from all over the world!
    I myself, have just come back from a break from Skyrama, but I feel like coming back.

    - Juhl-kamp
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