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Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by patricks2020, Apr 1, 2021.

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  1. Anyone else having issues with a black screen on loading? Any workarounds/updates for this? Thank you!
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  2. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello patricks2020!!

    Write a ticket to Technical Support, they will help you :).

    King Regards,
  3. Did that. No response.

    So the LEAST SkyRama and BIGPOINT could do is figure out how to make it to where we can actually log in and PLAY the GAME. I'm sorry, but I am really frustrated. It has been 3 days. When I did get logged in, I was able to play for 2 hours and then got a "technical error" and it stopped letting me back in.

    I have reviewed BIGPOINT website, looking for an escalation, but can't find anyone. Who can I escalate to? This is absurd that BIGPOINT can't make it to where we can AT LEAST PLAY! I dont even care about FULL SCREEN if I CANT PLAY THE GAME AT ALL!
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  4. глог

    глог User

    я пинаю пока не заработает - если чёрный экран, то ФАЙЛ > ГЛАВНАЯ СТРАНИЦА и снова логин. минут за 5 сдаётся и пускает
    I kick it until it works - if the screen is black, then FILE> MAIN PAGE and log in again. after 5 minutes he gives up and lets
  5. ~NightHawk~

    ~NightHawk~ Team Leader Team Skyrama

    Hello guys,

    we have forwarded the black screen problem as well as the decreased game performance after the implementation of the full screen fix to the devs and hope that it can be fixed soon.

    Kind regards,
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  6. still cannot log into the game........................................................
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  7. maxencep8

    maxencep8 User

    Exactly the same thing, i can't load the game because of this black screen !
  8. firehawk69

    firehawk69 User

    I was able to fix this by closing out client and re- starting it ...
  9. black screen I'm not taking this problem anymore, every day I try to log into my account
    but not to be able to play with this black screen, once I got it
    playing only that I had created a new account there it was,
    but I don't want to start over from the beginner.
    and I’m hoping that bigpoint people can fix this,
    because I have hope and patience
  10. I tried this several times but it didn't work.
    probably if you're wrong,
    can talk can I do it right
    if you can't help me all right
  11. Oh_Hell_No

    Oh_Hell_No User

    I have the same problem with the black screen. A week ago the launcher worked fine and I could play normally. A couple of days ago I kept getting a black screen right after entering my username and password. The game wouldn't load any further than the black screen. I tried restarting the game, refreshing the page, uninstalling an then reinstalling the launcher and even changing my password, nothing helped. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  12. Game is unplayable right now. only thing i get is black screen.

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