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Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by Gvilarim, Jan 13, 2021 at 11:52 PM.

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  1. Gvilarim

    Gvilarim User

    i'm trying to access skyrama through the program that you download, but the game screen doesn't load, just the adobe flash image.
  2. If you never made a pay for the game will not work, there is some commercial which stops game client from loading properly.

    Try the approach from thread below:

    Make sure you change the date back fast enough though after game starts loading (otherwise time based events could go wrong - even L plane building, incoming friend planes could be removed from list like they were not processed in time). I'm using 2 cmd.exe running in Admin mode, one for setting the date to 1/10/2021 and another one for changing it back to current date after login succeeds / game starts loading ...
  3. Hello Gvilarim;
    You have a second option to try and see if it work.

    Open your laucher and wait for a window to pop saing about "Privacy settings" don't click on 'agree' insted do;
    Go on "more Options" and click where it says someting like "I agree whith the selection"
    After this just login on the game and see if it works.

    You still have to play on the small screen but at least the game should load.

  4. enzo5438

    enzo5438 User

    i am not enter om my airport obs: peding flash

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