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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by Zoltán10, Oct 19, 2019.

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  1. Zoltán10

    Zoltán10 User

    Hello guys! Welcome to my airport!
    My name is Zoltán10 and I'm from Croatia [​IMG]

    Level: 74
    ID: 11764720

    And this is currently my fleet:)

    Small Hangar:

    2 x Rama Falcon
    1 x Romant-O-Rama
    15 x Rama S Quatro
    6 x Monarch BT-FLY
    4 x Green Yonder
    10 x Rufus MK II
    7 x Skyletto
    20 x Fury
    15 x Rama-Xplore
    5 x Jetliner AX 18
    1 x Rama Global Cargo
    40x Rama-XS-Cargo

    Medium Hangar:

    3 x Ramaliner-M
    5 x Rama-Xperience
    1 x Peace Plane
    40 x Rama-M-Super-Turbo
    28 x Airow
    2 x Santa's Helper
    4 x Rama-Super-Xplore
    25 x Aerobus
    40 x Sky-Shuttle
    80 x Skyrama 858
    2 x Million Air X
    5 x MCH4-Tigre
    3 x CHAMP Marathoner
    24 x Rama-M-Cargo
    4 x Ontonav
    20 x Skython

    Heli Hangar:

    1 x Ramaliner Special
    2 x Jingle Blades
    20 x Camo-Copter
    23 x Ramacopter-Seaking
    5 x Sleek ChoppAir
    1 x M3GA-01
    6 x AW ZERO III
    20 x Helicrawler
    15 x Rama-Ambulance
    7 x EaZy-135

    Sea Hangar:

    5 x Ice Skater
    10 x Rama-Firefighter
    10 x SeaRama-Clipper
    20 x Rama-M-Quatro
    15 x SeaRama-Aqua
    7 x Indy
    16 x C-Star
    10 x Sky-HOH
    15 x Orc Air


    10 x CornCod1
    2 x Zebra Swift Runner

    My Airport


    if you see the GREEN light i am open and ready to receive any type of aircraft.​
    On weekdays I usually can play from 3 pm.

    If I get airplanes, I'll stay more in the game.
    Recently, not many of my friends are active,So im looking for some higher lvl players,I Look forward to your requests, I usually have QS,so if you want,you can send me any planes,i supply all,and i try to send you back ;)

    (If you sent me planes,and i didn't send back,it will be because i don't have machines nearby)

    Have a nice game!:)

  2. Jayden.B

    Jayden.B User

    I'm Level 44. Will you accept me?
  3. Rembri

    Rembri User

    I added you. I am level 69, often use QS
  4. benhardman

    benhardman User

    Added you! ;)
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