Wisenick International at Niagara Falls International Airport(WnNFIA)

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    Welcome to Niagara Falls International, a fully functional(international)airport located in Niagara Falls, New York,USA we aren't the biggest in the area because that is Niagara-Buffalo International Airport in Buffalo and Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada but that doesn't mean we can't be the best in the business. We do national flights and international flights! We currently have 4 innovative runways and 4 small runways. 14 innovative bays and 15 small bays with a helipad. We can't forget about are seaport!!!! We also have a modern terminal and a terminal gate. There are two main towers with the modern terminal functioning as another tower and helicopter landing area too. There are 4 small cargo bays and 6 medium cargo bays. Accommodations is anything you see in the picture below currently. Our main administration is in Ransomville,NY(same time zone and 15-30 mins. from the airport).
    We can fly anywhere you want us too! We have all 4 hangers, a warehouse and a engineering bay with a millions-event decoration. We want you to come visit us anytime. Username is wisenick and we are level 38! We did have 2 other hubs in Angola but pulled out because of financial issues. We never run out of passengers now due to the many accommodations and generate over 900 passengers every 30 minutes and all of our flights leave right away. Our main towers pick up your flights immediately and never forget them on the radar! Come visit use today, minutes from Niagara Falls State Park and the Niagara Frontier! We serve you at a slower pace than others but put your flights first before ours! We also are very lucky to have are own Cargo Express through a private company. You might see it as Wisenick Cargo.
    Niagara Falls International Airport is for your flights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The airport is only open you see the GREEN light we are open and ready to receive any type of aircraft. However if the light is RED we advise you not to visit us as we are not on. Since we are located on the Niagara Frontier in Western New York are time zone is UTC-5:00(US & Canada). We don't have quickservice so give me time to serve your plane. We like buddy flights since it keeps us intact because we only get buddy flights once a month not counting the cash cows. Since we are a small airport compared to others we have a nice crew and are underrated. We promise if you come here while the light is green we will have no problems getting your flights. We only offer quickservice when when can so if we don't send your flights back within a minute we don't have quickservice. The background represent the season/weather we have in real-time in the area(snow=winter, Caribbean=summer, meadow=spring, horrific panorama =halloween and so on). We do not see expansion of our airport as a top priority, so if you don't like our size don't come. Our top priority is you and your flights and nothing else. If we have to land yours or ours even if ours arrived first they(ours)will wait for your service then they will land.
    Username again is wisenick
    Seaplane Hanger:
    2x Rama-FireFighter
    2x SeaRama-Clipper
    Helicopter Hanger:
    3x Rama-Ambulance
    3x Ramacopter-Steady
    Small planes(Small Hanger):

    2x Rama-Falcon
    1930s Racer-Hughes
    4x Ramaliner-Eclipse
    6x Rama-XS-Turbo
    1930s Racer-Mr Mulligan
    1930s Racer-Bulldog
    2x Rama-Xplore
    Jetliner AC 18
    1930s Racer-Geebee
    2x Rama-XS-Cargo
    Rama Global cargo
    Medium Planes(Medium Hanger):
    Peace Plane
    3x Rama-M-SuperTurbo
    2x Rama-M-Cargo
    Santa Glaze
    777 CH
    [​IMG] [/IMG]
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    Update: Have Modern Terminal 2
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