Where are the events?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by zonixxx, Apr 15, 2023.

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  1. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    Easter is already ending, but there are no events, or will there not be? :eek: =(
  2. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello zonixxx,

    as you know, there are problems in the game at the moment, so it makes no sense to start an event at the moment. We assume that the problem will be fixed first, and then an event will come.

    However, we do not have any further information on this.

    Kind regards,
  3. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    I hope that they will fix the problem with the missing parts very soon, otherwise the riot is already growing in the discord on this topic, after which it is waiting for events, regardless of the holidays, respect the players, they will repay the same =)
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  4. maontje

    maontje User

    So the devs are slowly killing the game. When there are no plane upgrades and no events what is the purpose of playing this game and invest money into it. There are alot off ppl waiting for event to play the game again.
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  5. Myrtve

    Myrtve User

    Do you assume that the problem will be solved?? And how long has it been solved and still not solved?! This problem has been going on for over 2 months now and players are running out of patience!! You're just kidding us!! Finally do something about it!!!
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  6. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello Myrtve,

    we can only say what we have been told. We were told that the bug should be fixed, but unfortunately we can't say when that will happen, we're waiting for it too.

    Kind regards,
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  7. dyllan30m

    dyllan30m User

    hire skilled people !!!!!!
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  8. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    They have been waiting for the promised 3 years, ahah =( And it's funny and I want to cry.
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