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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by bojour, Oct 23, 2023.

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  1. bojour

    bojour User

    Fell in love with this game a few years back and still addicted to this day. It must be said, which I guess was the purpose of this "Update & Idea Pool" that many Players and myself alike, would like too see at least some of the GREAT ideas that have been posted in this Forum, be implemented or given a chance to be considered for FUTURE Roll outs...
    This Game can grow and so can the Players if BP can just go that extra mile and make the Players feel that their earnings and investments were not in vain...I'll say it again...I love this game, and it pains me to see other platforms are progressing so well, while we are stuck on the Tarmac waiting for service...Come on BP,, BIG things can be achieved with SMALL steps...Thank you Guys....

    Let me know what you are Thinking...:)
  2. gotuzil49

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    Yeah, this has the purpose of Bigpoint pretending they care about their fanbase, but actually they don´t give a ****. I highly doubt if they even read it