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Discussion in 'Who is Who - The Players' started by holzbock21, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. holzbock21

    holzbock21 User

    Hey ya all,

    welcome to my Airport. West Australia is a nice Place to build an Airport. And now just for ya here is mine .


    I am Lvl 88 and give my best to go higher. Normally i fly every Day and Planes 5h and longer are welcome.

    If you need some Planes just let me know i will help you. But i am sorry to say that i just send Planes to Buddys who have min. 5 or more medium Runways, and Quick Service is a must have.

    The reason is i have much more then 10.000 Planes so i dont send just 50 or 100 Planes to a Buddy. I start sending with 1000 and more.

    Feel free to contact me whenever you want.

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  2. very nice airport and can you please tell me how many passanger you need every day:)
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  3. holzbock21

    holzbock21 User

    Thats is an easy Answer. Between 3,5 - 4 Millions
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  4. you are having 10000 planes that is nice:)
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  5. Add me and send me all your planes tomorrow,i do have QS,online after 14:30 UK/h :D
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  6. holzbock21

    holzbock21 User

    i will check ur airport!!!!!
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  7. hidhe

    hidhe User

    hey the de holzblock, im Flying always in the weekend. sometimes in fly 48 hour with QS. add me: hidhe. im level 72. can you send me planes when im online?
  8. olexa

    olexa User

    Greetings! I am 80lvl, 11 runways,10helibays,10 seaports.Play with QS only. Add me and welcome to the green light.
    Olexa, Russia, ID 54101
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  9. MrMungo

    MrMungo User

    Can vouch for Olexa - he will keep you busy, has a great collection of planes
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  10. buffon1a

    buffon1a User

    Amazing airport. Plz add me and send all your planes. Thnx
  11. -XdarkX-

    -XdarkX- User

    Hello im level 36, i know im low but i got 5 medium runways and i have quickservice ready i have enough to buy so send me a fly by that u send me planes i will buy quick service and ill catch em. I just need alot of aircoins and xp to level up, Thanks. Name: -XdarkX-
    ID: 10771995 --- Im from Norway

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