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  1. UbgradeCZ

    UbgradeCZ User

    My airport is 46 - 34.194/69000 LEVEL my name is UbgradeCZ

    my planes: in small hangar
    5x Racer - Hughes
    12x Rama-XS-Express
    2x Bushido (S) **
    2x Airluminium **
    1x Ramaline-Eclipse **
    6x Rama-XS-Turbo
    1x Agrarama
    3x Monarcha BT
    1x Racer - Mr. Mulligan
    9x Rama-XS-Cargo
    my planes: in big hangar
    10x Rama-M-Turbo **
    1x lc **
    7x Rama-M-SuperTurbo
    4x Rama-Super-Xplore ***
    6x Rama-M-Cargo
    1x santovo letadlo
    1x Arassas
    1x Fén-X
    1x Skyl
    1x Hasič-Air
    5x Scrapper
    1x Klobása 747
    5x Rama-Xplore
    1x racer - Bulldog
    1x Racer - GeBee
    1x Hádě
    1x velký třesk
    4x Air Force One ***
    1x Skokan

    My Planes in helicopter hangar
    4x Rama-Helicopter

    Me planes = 78


    HI (y) :)
  2. UbgradeCZ

    UbgradeCZ User

    New on my airport i have 47 level ! :)
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  3. UbgradeCZ

    UbgradeCZ User

    Ubgrade on my airport ! Level: 50
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  4. UbgradeCZ

    UbgradeCZ User

    Level : 51 :)
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  5. UbgradeCZ

    UbgradeCZ User

    Name: UbgradeCZ
    Level: 51 21.589/94.000
    ID: 13062493
    :D Go to planes:

    In Small Hangar

    5x Racer - Hughes
    12x Rama-XS-Express
    2x Bushido(S) **
    2x Airluminium**
    1x Ramaline-Eclipse**
    6x Rama-XS-Turbo
    1x Agrarama
    3x Monarcha BT -Muška
    1x Racer - Mr. Mulligan
    1x Hasič-Air
    1x Skyletto
    1x Racer - Bulldog
    2x Rama - Xplore**
    3x Rama - Xplore
    1x Hádě*
    1x Racer - GeeBee**
    1x Skokan
    7x Darkfyre-skybird
    12x Rama-XS-Cargo

    61 Planes In Small Hangar

    In Medium Hangar:

    10x Rama-M-Turbo**
    1x lc**
    7x Rama-M-SuperTurbo
    1x Fén-X
    5x Scrapper***
    6x MantAir A1
    1x Klobása 747
    4x Rama-Super-Xplore****
    1x Velký Třesk

    4x MillionAir X
    4x Air Force One***
    6x Rama-M-Cargo

    1x Santovo Letadlo
    1x Arassas

    54 Planes in Medium Hangar

    In Helicopter Hangar

    4x Ramacopter-Express*
    4x Ramacopter-Steady*
    1x Ramacopter-Seaking

    in Helicopter Hangar 9 Planes

    In Hydroplanes Hangar

    1x SeaRama-Solo
    3x Ramaline-Xplore

    In Hydroplanes Hangar 4 Planes

    128 Planes :)
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  6. UbgradeCZ

    UbgradeCZ User

    New: Level 53