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  1. [​IMG]

    Park Zone (61)
    35x Medium Bay
    18x Medium Cargo Bay
    6x Helipad
    2x Seaport

    Fleet (170)
    Pasenger Planes (84)

    8x Ramaliner-Eclipse
    1x Rama-XS-Turbo
    2x Rama-M-Turbo
    20x Ramaliner-M
    24x Rama-M-SuperTurbo
    1x Rama-M-SuperTurbo
    2x Rama-Xperience
    ★★★11x Carabbien Cruiser
    4x MillionAir X
    ★★★6x MillionAir X

    1x Peace Plane
    1x Rama M Skelemoto
    3x Silver Streak

    Cargo Planes (57)
    31x Rama-XS-Cargo
    1x Rama Global Cargo
    5x Rama-M-Cargo
    16x Rama-M-SuperCargo
    4x Ontonav

    Ramacopters (22)
    2x Ramacopter-quickie
    11x Rama-Ambulance
    4x Ramacopter-Steady
    4x Camo-Copter
    1x Ramacopter-Seaking

    Sea Planes (7)
    1x SeaRama-Solo
    ☆☆☆1x SeaRama-Amphib
    ☆☆☆2x SeaRama-Clipper
    2x Rama-Firefighter
    1x Rama-M-Quatro

    ID: 10497108
    Add me please
    Have a nice flight!

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  2. MrMungo

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    I really like the order of your airport - please don't look at mine! :p
  3. GoldCoast

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    hi do you want to be my friend please i'm bored and if you want to be my friend i will send all my planes n' I hope that u will similarly finally if you want well. Besides, I also have a question because I wonder How is that u had so many aviaticks at level 40 ?

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