This will improve the game !

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by zonixxx, Jun 18, 2023.

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  1. zonixxx

    zonixxx User

    This will improve the game !

    Hello, everyone.
    I think everyone has encountered 5000+ planes on the radar and playing at 2 fps...
    There is an easy solution to this problem !
    Make a limit of visible aircraft on the radar 500-700pcs.
    Which will be updated once a minute and add new planes there.
    This concerns both their own planes, as well as those that you send friends.
    This will help take away the lag.
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  2. michielvde

    michielvde User

    I believe it's not that easy as for example hangar contents are also connected to this, as well as some other stuff. So you would for example only be able to see 700 of your planes when opening an hangar, or you can't tune some of them ;)

    Have some possible ideas, but I doubt they will ever be implemented :rolleyes:

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