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  1. buffon1a

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    Hello airport managers,

    Im buffon1a from the made-in-china airport located in China. We offer rare souvenirs such as model globes great for educating kids, walking boots - much needed to traverse large airports, and Fire extinguishers, helpful to stop fires.

    This Made-In-China airport is happy to send small and medium planes to whoever requests a specific plane. Second, you are welcome to visit our airport to see it in-progress and expanding. Third, feel free to request me as a buddy, and I will kindly and most gladly accept. Lastly, we kindly request any plane, and are thankful for whoever sends some to us.

    We have over 10 bays and 5 runways, along with more than 20 planes.

    Happy flying!

    ~buffon1a, owner of the Made-In-China Airport​
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  2. buffon1a

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    The airport is only open you see the GREEN light we are open and ready to receive any type of aircraft. However if the light is RED we advise you not to visit us as we are not on, although we will try to be on as much as possible. We don't have quickservice so give us time to serve your plane. :)
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  3. tchung

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    What is the GREEN light? and where can I find it?
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