Stop paying them for the next 5 days.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by astra234, Mar 25, 2024.

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  1. astra234

    astra234 User

    Not a single penny for 5 days to this shameless company. Those who ignored us.
    It took them 5 days to do what? To remove the event and reset the game. Simply they didn't fix anything.
    For the next 5 days:
    I will not play the game, I will not buy any 24h quick service, nor will I make any purchase.
    If all players do the same, maybe next time they will give some attention to their customers.

    If after all this, we run out to buy air-dollars or QS, then we deserve to be ignored and treated this way.

    Reply with "agree" those who will do the same. Otherwise we have no dignity if we immediately give them money again, like nothing is happened.
  2. i wont agree with your suggestion. The reason is that there wil always be ppl who buy and use Aircash to play the game.
    And if we al decide to stop paying en playing the game wil surely die. The rreason teh game still exists is only because ppl stil pay for the game
  3. =ajax=

    =ajax= User

    The game is workign atm without the event, but it is working. I understand that they do not put all the money in the game that is not played so much. There are a few thousand people that are still playing a game that is more then 10 years old.
  4. astra234

    astra234 User

    "...the game will surely die ". So you think is alive. 5 days non functional. 6 years without something new. Repeating events. Slow Server (non functional the peak hours/days) and is alive? Ok.
  5. astra234

    astra234 User

    "I understand that they do not put all the money" e hmmm.. what percentage of money you think they put back in the game? i think single digit! Did they built something new the recent years? Only repeating events. They just pay the Server bandwith wich is very limited and insufficient the peak days.
  6. BLONDI2011

    BLONDI2011 User

    You are absolutely right, but notice that every game works this way, even from companies other than Bigpoint. This is called attracting players, i.e. marketing.

    When they build an army of players who are at high levels of play, they don't have to do anything anymore, because these players will always buy QS and want to play because they want to have the highest level possible.

    Is it relaxation or addiction? It's not for me to judge.

    I only feel sorry for the players who reach level 100 and that's the end.
    They should add level +100, because these are the most loyal and generous players of BP and Skyrama.
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  7. astra234

    astra234 User

    Thank you for your reasonable answer! my only objection is the following: ok, other companies than Bigpoint also work this way.. but their game works ! It not remains crashed for 5 consecutive days!! Greetings
  8. wifir

    wifir User

    Boycotting the game is no use, I must have been here for over 15 years, I haven't seen anything new in a long time, but I like the game. Aircash is very useful, fast but if I have to buy something it will be air-dollars. I have serious problems with space in the hangars and I don't know how to solve it other than buying it.
  9. They stil do a little of development.(Repainting planes) So for them it is still alive. And is the game stil running, i believe so ar least i dan stil login and play.

    If you are so angry at them just quit the game and go do something else besides trying to make other players do what you wish. Like i said earlier it won't work because there will always be ppl playing and paying for aircash. Not all the players are on the forums wich is not from B(ig)P(oint) it self. It is rin by ppl who have contact with BP

    If you dont like it stop playing but leave us alone
  10. Can you login and play the game? If so it works. They dont have to do more then keep the servers going. And yes sometimes it is slow. I stil can play the game at full speed. I dont have thousands of planes and i don't need to activate qs.
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