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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by MM77, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. MM77

    MM77 User

    Hello all, is it just me, this morning, or can anybody not click on planes/shops/hangar/...

    basically everything does not highlight, I can service planes, but I can't highlight buldings to see their functions.

    IE.: I can't highlight my warehouse to see which ingredients I need to do burgers or cakes...

    Also, the water of my seaport needs to be cleaned... It's green ! :p

    Edit 1: Specs and troubleshooting: I have Chrome version : 38.0.2125.111 m, it's the latest update. I have flash player 11 (for both IE and other browsers) and java 8U11 (both for x86 and x64). I reloaded the game twice with no changes. I did not reboot my computer.

    Edit 2 : curiously enough I got fewer problems with IE... I can hightlight and open warehouse/shops...
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  2. Yaysuz

    Yaysuz User

    I had a similar problem in which I was able to look around but not click anything. Have you tried refreshing?
  3. MM77

    MM77 User

    Several times...
  4. B17gbomber

    B17gbomber User

    Have you tried using a different Web Browser like " Mozilla Firefox ", I have used this every since someone referred me to it back in 2007, Was told that Big Points games run on it better then the others. Before you change everything over clean out both your caches ( PC & Game ).

    B17gbomber - 122744
  5. MM77

    MM77 User

    well... we'll call it a day... I think it's my work's PC the problem not the game...

    Cheers guys ! Have one (drink) on me !

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