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  1. Trackplus

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    Good morning/evening, i have an idea, and i think its a good idea for Bigpoint and the players.


    Monthly cost 10 Euro

    Benefits of owning it:

    Daily Rapid Service
    free slots in the assembly workshop
    Aircraft recycling every 8 hours
    Hangars reduced to 50%

    The Aircash would still be useful, but with the reduction of the hangar places it would require much less.

    Many are against spending money on a game, but it is also true that behind a game there are people who work to try to keep us entertained, at the moment I think the costs are very high and many players who have reached a certain level find themselves having to make a choice, pay and continue or leave?
  2. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    They do not even deign to answer, then we are really on the end. SIGH

    Now I reveal to you my dream come Skyrama, I have always believed that one day I could see it realized but now I doubt it

    I would have loved to see in Skyrama the levels locked at level 85, (as it is structured now it makes you feel like it) all the subsequent levels were reached by making 400,000,000 XP, but with relative rankings (minimum of 1000 people at level world and 100 for each country)

    In the ranking you could see both the missing level and XP for reaching the next level, every Monday the ranking was updated

    I continue my dream Goodnight to all;)
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