Suggestion Revamping Collections rewards

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Astro13AIR, Oct 9, 2021.

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  1. Astro13AIR

    Astro13AIR User

    I have noticed that some rewards for Collections seem unbalanced. For example, to get 250 aircoins for finishing the "Beach Fun" collection, you only need to get 4 souvenirs total (one of each 4 types). In contrast, for completing the "Security Set" collection, which requires 38 souvenirs in total, you get only 300 aircoins.
    Question is, why bother completing collections which require a lot of souvenirs, if you can just finish the easy ones (like "Beach Fun", "Tourist Tools" or "Bon vivant") and get basically the same reward?
    Something needs to be done about this.
  2. supreme34

    supreme34 User

    The excitement, suggestions and ideas of the early days of the game will soon be replaced by anger and despair :)) Sorry, but unfortunately this is the case. It's not coming. There is a Bp company whose voice we haven't heard for years. My advice to you is not to deal with such problems. Because as the years pass, you will be sad to see that there is no solution ;)
    (Leaving aside the respected admins, they don't have much to do either)​