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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by Trackplus, Nov 16, 2019.

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  1. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    Thanks firehawk69
    My airport is closed for 5 days
    if there are players who pass the level write here and if you can insert the image
    when I come back then I update the ranking
    you can find it on my site
    thank you
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  2. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    New level for 3 players ;)
  3. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

  4. Jet-Jumbo

    Jet-Jumbo User

    Hello Track, i have a new player for you.
    Level 86. Name: frank13261

  5. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

  6. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

  7. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

  8. apa55

    apa55 User

    Hi, I've just reached a new level. Thanks
    apa55, UserID: 7831699
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  9. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    I have updated the ranking ;)
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  10. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

  11. Bies1952

    Bies1952 User

    Nick: Bies1952, ID użytkownika: 4954259
    90 level 03-12-2020r.
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  12. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    I have updated the ranking
  13. audi80td

    audi80td User

    Level up.
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  14. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    thanks audi80td
    I updated ;)
    text your friend and tell him he is in 60th position
    danke audi80td
    Ich habe aktualisiert;)
    Schreiben Sie Ihrem Freund eine SMS und sagen Sie ihm, dass er auf dem 60. Platz ist
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  15. olandiano

    olandiano User

  16. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    Two new levels ;)
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  17. User: 3kats, level up, level 89. Congrats 3kats!
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  18. fradi555

    fradi555 User

    Level up.
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  19. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    Thanks fradi555, I have updated the ranking, but I don't have the image of the previous level.
    There are two more new levels already updated;)
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  20. Trackplus

    Trackplus User

    Four new levels;)
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