Problems after maintenance work

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Flight-Attendant, Feb 9, 2023.

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  1. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Dear Airport Managers,

    this thread has now been created so that you don't continue to post here in all areas about problems with the game.

    Please check your games first before posting here, some accounts were checked again this morning. :)

    If you have problems, please provide your username and user ID, thank you.

    Of course, you can also post here when your game works again.;)

    Kind regards,
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  2. mac40612

    mac40612 User

    I particularly like the way, almost to the second you posted this that the service completely shut down "Maintenance Work". Pretty much sums up the way Bigpoint treats it customers and Board admins, as no advance warning of this was given. Also, since noone could log on, no one could get on to Forums to post until it returned.
  3. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello mac40612,

    unfortunately I can't do anything about that, the maintenance work was carried out at short notice to deal with the problems that still existed.

    At least we hope it solved more problems with it.:)

    Kind regards,
  4. maontje

    maontje User

    After today's maintanance i can't land my own planes. Had send them al out to my second account to test if it works again. Now they are comming back and i am landing then for the 4th now. ReStarted the client several times and used the flash browser but no solution. Getting a bit frustrated with the problems.

    Username : maontje
    Userid: 12367575
  5. rob281263

    rob281263 User

    ik kom er steeds nog niet er in stik van de tfs vliegers hangen nog in de lucht enz..
    identiteitskaart 10625854
  6. here again with my torments. again today the game does not work. it worked for a while and now it's grey on the planes they send me and mine that come back. make it at last

    ID 2087142
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  7. maontje

    maontje User

    Glad the planes are back in the hangar. But what about the XP you get from the planes you haven't received now. If it goes like this every time, we won't get anywhere with it, of course. THEY can make the game better than fix it like that. This is just ridiculous
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  8. Jet-Jumbo

    Jet-Jumbo User

    Hello Flight-Attendant, Its now almost 4 weeks i can't play anymore, till now. i come not on my airport. The bar is about 70 % and then it stops. I tryed every day,and its not working.:(:(:(
    ID: 11215719
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  9. Flight-Attendant

    Flight-Attendant Board Administrator Team Skyrama

    Hello rob281263 and drosostalida2,

    is your problem fixed now?


    Hello Jet Jumbo,

    this has been forwarded, I hope it gets fixed tomorrow.

    If your problem is then resolved, please report back here so that we know whether it worked, thank you very much.

    Kind regards,
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  10. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Goodmorning Flight-Attendant,
    My problem is resolved since yesterday, thank you.

    Kind regards.
    olandiano: ID 10902998
  11. maontje

    maontje User

    Game still not fixed. The same issue as yesterday i can service planes from buddy's but when my own planes come back it is TF and rollback over and over. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:. Again 30 aircash spent for nothing it about time to get refunds.
    Think support wil get my planes back in the hangar without there XP and Shovels. So another day gone. Just close the game and say this is it
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2023
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  12. belikov_y

    belikov_y User

    good day! some planes are in the air for more than 15 days.... please return all my planes to the hangar.... thank you in advance ....
    name: belikov_y
    ID: 12966139
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  13. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Hello Flight-Attendent,
    I am the partner from Jet-Jumbo ID:11215719
    She can now in the airport, thats fixed right now, i don,t know if everything working, because she has to look. But till now, thanks for your help.
    Kind regards,

  14. sercool

    sercool User

    Goodmorning Flight-Attendant,
    My problem is resolved since yesterday, thank you.

    Kind regards.
    sercool: ID 12853868
  15. maontje

    maontje User

    I still can't do anything but land buddy planes. My own planes result in a tf and rollback

    Update buddyplanes landing is out now also TF and Rollbacks.

    Username: maontje
    UserID: 12367575
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2023
  16. MartinGR80

    MartinGR80 User

    i have a strange problem. when I was playing before noon there was a mini event gold rain. After logging in, in the afternoon it is passenger day
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  17. bobo1983

    bobo1983 User

    Name : bobo1983
    User-ID: 13482473

    Problems solved, of course people keep the line you are good at that.
    You know scammers do it that way too.

    Just solve those problems and be honest if it's too difficult to solve. And don't keep coming up with stories we are working on it that station has long passed

    Unable to play since Jan 18, 2023. Constant error messages within 10 sec.

    And yes, all planes are in the hangar.

    Bunch of money wolves
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  18. Name: YayzVirtuoso
    User-ID: 13796131

    Hi everyone,

    I still can't login, when I launch skyrama (skyrama.exe), it brings me to the login page, then a few seconds later it kicks me out of the whole thing and I can't even log in. Please help me.
  19. twanneke

    twanneke User

    Are there any updates on the status of the affected accounts?
  20. Parzival

    Parzival User

    I sent a ticket in weeks ago about aircash that disappeared from my balance after trying to buy planes in game, only to be kicked out with a crash. Never got what I tried buying, yet I don't have the aircash anymore. Lost about 100 event shovels as well with the same issue. Is there any update for when this will be resolved?


    ID - 11518798​
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