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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Princess-Pink International Airport which is based in Stoke-On-Trent in the UK
    Over the last year princess pink has grown from a small airport that only had a few planes a day to a state of the art airport that can manage any type of aircraft with its 12 runways 6 sea ports and 8 heli pads it makes it one of the UKs most well known airport in skyrama

    The airport can handle 1 million passengers a day since it was upgraded due to the x-plane event it now houses 41 Global Intelligence agency's on average the airport has 200,000 a day passing through it there is also the added feature that princess pink has its own fleet.

    Non-Operational Mode


    Operational Mode
    The fleet consists of 1519 aircraft which is being continuously expanded
    Small Hanger
    3 x Falcon
    10 x XS Super Quickies
    1 x Global Cargo
    9 x XS Cargo
    1 x Rama Outback
    2 x XS Super Turbos
    20 x XS Turbo
    120 x Ramaliner Eclipse
    20 x Jet Set Jets
    20 x Eurofires
    20 x S quatro
    20 x Skyathlon
    20 x Skyletto
    2 x Racer Bulldog
    50 x Rama Xplore
    100 x AX18
    20 x Rufus MK ll

    Medium Hanger
    20 x Silver Flash
    10x Ramaliner-M
    10 x M turbo
    50 x Rama Xperience
    1 x Peace Plane
    2 x Boiling 757
    10 x Goliath
    20 x M-Super Turbo
    60 x M-Cargo
    20 x Icar-X
    20 x Milliplane
    20 x Skyakutake
    30 x Lancelot
    10 x Air Samaritan
    2 x Bloating 777
    2 x Special Delivery Jets
    2 x Caribbean Cruiser
    20 x Vip
    18 x Santas Helper
    100 x Sky Shuttle
    2 x Millionair x
    4 x Apres Sky-M
    2 x Ontanov
    20 x Big Bang
    30 x Skyrama 858
    40 x Zero-G
    20 x A33X
    60 x A32X
    20 x Transport-Air
    1 x Rama-Super Xplore

    Heli Hanger
    10 x Rama-Copter Quickies
    10 x Rama Ambulance
    2 x Skycrane
    20 x Camo-Copters
    20 x Jingle Blades
    10 x Sea King
    2 x Uss Azure
    20 x Blue Cross Copters
    40 x Airspray
    100 x Star wolf
    40 x Silverfox

    Sea Hanger
    10 x Sea-Rama Solo
    10 x Fire Fighter
    10 x Clipper
    20 x Dock-S
    20 x M-Quatro
    10 x Ice Skater
    10 x Sky-HOH
    4 x Back Water
    70 x C-Star
    10 x Searama-Aqua

    The airport is only capable of operating with quick service enabled so if you see the GREEN light we are open and ready to receive any type of aircraft. However if the light is RED we advise you not to visit us as there 50/50 chance that we will be able to service your aircraft we look forward to seeing you online
    HAPPY FLIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!

    Please Hit the like button if you like our presentation
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  2. @Princess-Fedex-UK that is amazing! I am in the process of manicuring my airport for my aesthetics than efficiency... Still, I love it! Fly-On! =D
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  3. !!!!! Check Out our updated Fleet !!!! Increased by 600 already & more to come :):)
  4. @Princess-Fedex-UK

    That is incredible! You are a machine!

    See you in the Skies!
  5. UniteSword

    UniteSword User

    That is an insane airport!

  6. Yaysuz

    Yaysuz User

    very nice airport. but how does the quickservice work? how do you get so much aircash?
  7. olexa

    olexa User

    Good airport,excellent presentation.Add me,let's fly together:)
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  8. Xtreme-Plt

    Xtreme-Plt User

    Why dont you say how much you have spent so far, or how much you spend per month in this game? :)
  9. Xtreme-Plt

    Xtreme-Plt User

    Still no answer here. Why? Cant you just say how much you spend to grow from a "small airport to a state of the art one"?
    by simply paying?
  10. Mod-Mama

    Mod-Mama User

    After quickly look, those planes are most from events, so this user only needed Aircash for slots and lot of time to play and lot of planes to serviced to get that big fleet ;)
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  11. UniteSword

    UniteSword User

    The amount of respect i got for this guy. Hands down.
  12. Xtreme-Plt

    Xtreme-Plt User

    Its not only the hangar slot for more planes. It is also the extra helipads and seaports that i see :)
    So that adds up even more.
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  13. I am a retired book keeper. My quicky calculator says this person spends 40 to 60 dollars a month on just quick service, and they may have played alot during events, but you can buy event currency with Aircash. So really, the whole thing could be bought.
  14. wisenick

    wisenick User

    How did you add color and the border?
  16. Spend alot off real cash on the game lol
  17. i dont know how much as its usually around 50 GBP pounds per event
  18. no lots of hours during events not so much nowadays just get on when i can but i wish it was bought would have saved me alot of sleepless nights lol
  19. using my own editor
  20. aircoins gerated from the fleet and aircash simply bought so the morale is u want a big fleet u gotta spend

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