Plane Requests - 2024

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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    • stathistsitas
    • id 2866948
    • I need 6 SeaRama Clippers
    • thanks in advance
  1. Ainyska

    Ainyska User

    Add me, send you these planes
    • Goudlokje1992
    • ID = 13747520
    • I need 10 searama solo

    Thanks! :D
    • name: misabrich0905
    • ID: 13081365
    • need: 5x Rama M Cargo
    • 10x Rama XS Cargo
  2. Please send me lots of planes. I have quick service and I need to lvl up. Aleksandar_ is my ign. I can service all kinds of planes. THank you!
  3. Ainyska

    Ainyska User

    Add me and I send you this planes
  4. Vinczejr

    Vinczejr User

    Name: Vinczejr
    ID :13467061
    I need 4 Rama-M-Turbo
  5. apegutt40

    apegutt40 User

    Can anyone send me rama xs-turbo?
    Username: apegutt40
    User ID: 4973433
    Country: Norway
  6. lolo622

    lolo622 User

    Name: lolo622
    ID : 3053567
    I need 5 Ramacopter-Quickies
    Thanks :D
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2022
  7. tynho_2001

    tynho_2001 User

    I need 4 Rama-M-Cargo
    Name: tynho_2001, User ID: 11709968
  8. greenland

    greenland User

    hi , i need 10 SeaRama-Solo and 8 Rama-M-Cargo
    user: greenland
    iD: 13773879
  9. andreipop

    andreipop User

    If anyone from Mexic please send me planes, I need them for one mission ("Send back 30 planes to Mexico").
    Thank you!
    Name: andreipop
    ID: 13786781
  10. Mimipinson

    Mimipinson User

    I have a small airport in Mexico, I added you as a friend and I can send you some planes
    userid -mexiko4-
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2023
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  11. ufon01

    ufon01 User

    Hello can someone send me
    3x Rama M Cargo
    4x ramacopter express
    nick: ufon01
    ID: 12958205
  12. t0wel1e

    t0wel1e User

    Hi there,
    (Updated) If someone could send me 4 Rama M Cargo and 4 Rama XS-Cargo planes, I'd appreciate it.
    nick: t0wel1e
    id: 12999841
    Level 22
    (online in USA EST/ET)
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2023
  13. Preciso devolver 4 Rama-M-Turbo alguém poderia me ajudar? Nome: Gabrielalcntara19, ID: 13796243
  14. skythrow

    skythrow User

    Hi, could anyone please send me:
    • 5 Ramacopter-Quickie and
    • 8 Rama-M-Cargo
    Name: skyramathrowaway
    ID: 13334260

  15. DjHeitor

    DjHeitor User

    Hi all!

    IGN: DjHeitor
    UserID: 3415113
    Planes requested: 5x Ramacopter express

    Thk's =D
  16. Skileros

    Skileros User

    Hi all

    IGN: Skileros
    UserID: 13797945
    Plane requested: 4x Rama M Turbo
    Time: 20:00 EU time

  17. Name : Alcohooligans
    ID: 13804000
    Hi, I wish 4 Rama -XS-Turbo if possible, thanks