Plane Requests - 2024

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. ZIELO

    ZIELO User

    Eu need 4 Rama-M-turbo to complete the mission please send it. ID 13440263 Name: Zielo
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  2. i need ant type of medium plane 7x.

    Username: mixalismets
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  3. Hello! I need 3 Rama-M-Cargo. Also if you want an active friend you can add me.

    Username: aeroplano270
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  4. Forlox

    Forlox User

    Nombre: Forlox
    ID: 13009175
    necesito recibir 15 aviones de carga m porfavor
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  5. Name: Big_Boy_420
    User ID: 13481444
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  6. Name: clevertonlindo
    User ID: 2638040
    Plane: 3 Rama-M-Cargo
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  7. charlois

    charlois User

    i added u
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  8. madakelij

    madakelij User

    Hello, i need 4 rama M turbo
    Name: madakelij
    user id: 11082320

    Thank you :)
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  9. tiranicus

    tiranicus User

    Hi, i need 8 rama-m-cargo
    ID: 6158844


    i need 3 ramacopter express
    Name: tiranicus1
    ID: 6158844
    Please help me, and i help you back when nedded

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  10. daritosa

    daritosa User

    Hello there!
    I need 3 ramacopter express

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  11. Guarin2021

    Guarin2021 User

    I need to receive 4 Rama M Turbo

    Username: Guarin2021
    ID: 13492399
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  12. Йоан

    Йоан User

    Hi, everyone!
    I need 8 Rama-XS-Cargo and 8 Rama-M-Cargo :)

    Name: Йоан
    User ID: 11912589
    Country: Bulgaria (In Europe, it's north from Greece)
    • Poldo.Sbaffini
    • 12821922
    • I need 30 planes from mexico for quest
    Please, someone can help me?
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  13. Flainor

    Flainor User

    Hello everyone,
    I need 3 turbo XS and 4 turbo M, can you send me some please ?
    name : Flainor / ID : 13505030
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  14. can someone send me rama-M-Cargo i need one
    name: funkythomas
  15. bnnse

    bnnse User

    Hello everyone !
    I need 4 turbo XS and 4 turbo M if someone can send me some :)
    name : bnnse
    thanx you !
  16. freedor7

    freedor7 User

    Hello! I need a little help if someone wouldn't mind...
    Name: Freedor7
    ID: 13561428
    Request: I need 4 Rama-XS-Turbos

    UPDATE: Got what I needed; thanks!
    Last edited: May 21, 2021
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  17. Skybabe

    Skybabe User

    I need 8 medium planes and 5 ramacopters Quicky.
    It would be great if someone can help me with this.
    Thanks in advance!

    Name: skybabe
    ID: 13561478
  18. ufon01

    ufon01 User

    name: alienufon
    ID: 13573291
    Need 4 Rama-XS-Turbo
    Need 4 Rama-M-TUrbo
  19. Hello there,

    Name: Saint-Rémi.18
    ID: 11312231
    Looking for friends and I need 7 cargo M for finish 2 tasks
    Thanks !