Plane Requests - 2023

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Cryptonite

    Cryptonite User

    I need Ramacopter quickies
    Name: Cryptonite
  2. mairnik12

    mairnik12 User

    I need to send me 4 rama-xs-turbo and 4 rama -m- turbo

    Thank you very much NunoPereira from Portugal!!!!!!
    I ve done all this thanks to you!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
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  3. nxcklvs

    nxcklvs User

    IGN: nxcklvs
    ID: 13210943
    Country: Russia
    Special plane requests: "Rama M Turbo" and "Rama XS Turbo"

    - nxcklvs
  4. Name: ивчо2004
    UserId: 6532931
    Country: Bulgaria
    I need some Ramacopter Express and Ramacopter Steady helicopters.
  5. Name: ивчо2004
    UserId: 6532931
    Country: Bulgaria
    Some cargo planes.​
  6. I ask you for help! The mission asks me to: turn back 4 turbo xs but I can not do it? Do we just have to land them or not? Please help me! My airport is called Samuairport.
  7. daandb

    daandb User

    searama solo (15 o_O)
    Naam: daandb
    User-ID: 12285018
  8. Name: ивчо2004
    UserId: 6532931
    Country: Bulgaria
    10 seareama solo planes
  9. stestim

    stestim User

    • Uživatelské jméno: stestim
    • User-ID: 204753
    • Potřebujete: SeaRama-Solo 80x, Ramacopter 85x
  10. Dani9009

    Dani9009 User

    Name: Dani9009
    User ID: 2870049
    Country: Norway

    I currently need 8 Rama-M-Cargo, thanks in advance ;)

    Update: Got it finished thanks to stestim and noctua :D
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  11. KjartanV

    KjartanV User

    Name: KjartanV, User ID: 655722
    I need 4 Rama-XS-Turbo
    Thanks :)
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  12. daandb

    daandb User

    Hey again an impossible mission without help :x
    Name: daandb
    User-ID: 12285018
    I need 5 rama M cargo
    and 10 rama XS cargo
    Pls help me out, I'll send back all planes i have to the people that'll help :D

    greets Daandb
  13. Dani9009

    Dani9009 User

    User: Dani9009
    Hi, me again.
    I now need to return 10 Seaplanes and 10 Ramacopters, thanks ;)

    Update: I no longer need these planes, thanks to several players :D
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  14. 22peter22

    22peter22 User

    User: 22peter22
    UserID: 6369591
    Hello, I'd like to have 8 Rama-M-Cargo and 6 SeaRama-Clipper please, also some new aktive friends :))
  15. katika32

    katika32 User

    hella place rama m cargo and searama solo
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  16. Bredvig

    Bredvig User

    Name: Bredvig
    ID: 1144782

    Request all types of planes :)
  17. sven448

    sven448 User

    name sven448
    User-ID: 11302675
    request 7 searama-klipper
    (need friends to send me planes and i send back)
  18. nielsxxx

    nielsxxx User

    Name: nielsxxx
    ID: 12359092
    Cargo planes
    (need eggs, steak and flour, but thats different for everyone)

    thanks in advance
  19. Siluka

    Siluka User

    Hello everyone !
    I'm looking for 4 Turbo M
    Name : Siluka
    ID : 13218470
    Thank you and have a good day !
  20. Name: PatriotBelgica
    ID: 13218994

    Looking for small planes (ANY!)

    Just started over so i could use any small planes ;)

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