Plane Requests - 2023

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Ferreiraum

    Ferreiraum User

    • Name : Comandante26
    • ID :9369001
    • 4 Rama-M-Turbo
    Thanks! :D
  2. eddy2458

    eddy2458 User

    Hi there,

    Can someone send me 4 rama-m-cargo and 4 random medium passenger planes?

    my ID: 3241529
    my name: eddy2458
    country: brazil

    Already much thanks
  3. Morbius

    Morbius User

    Name: Morbius
    ID: 13717943
    I need friends and small airplane
  4. Roni

    Roni User

    I need 4 Rama-m-turbo and 4 rama-xs-turbo
    Name: Ronsu
    ID: 12883435
    Idk if its necessary info but ill be on around 20-22 eest and more active on weekends
    Last edited: May 14, 2022
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  5. Hello, for the main objective I need to "return 30 planes to Mexico"!
    But in Mexico I can't find an active player!
    Some player for Mexico here?

    Add me!

    Username: Shrekouille
    User ID: 2412915
    Country: Belgium
    Lvl: 50
  6. I need 5 ramacopter (quickly)

    Name: luukvroegop
    ID: 13727677
    Lvl: 28
  7. Hello,

    I need 4 Rama M Turbo.
    Name : -le-boss-86-
    ID : 512889

    Thanks ! :)
  8. Hi! I'm in need of 4 Rama-M-Turbo and 4 Rama-XS-Turbo

    Name: Daart_Sprout
    ID: 13733628

    Thank you! :D
  9. Robsonvd

    Robsonvd User

    I would like some
    - 10 Medium Airplanes
    - 5 Ramacopters Express

  10. Troels42

    Troels42 User


    I need:
    12 Rama-M-Cargo
    1 Rama-XS-Cargo

    Name: Troels42
    ID: 6503977
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2022
  11. lotnik0pl

    lotnik0pl User

    any 4 medium planes
    and 21 any medium, helicopters or small planes
  12. Thejack

    Thejack User

    i need 4 rama m cargo planes
    id 13742771
  13. saukk0

    saukk0 User

    I need 4x Rama-M-Turbo and 4x Rama-XS-Turbo
    Name: Saukk0
    • name: misabrich0905
    • ID: 13081365
    • need: 5x Ramacopter - Express
  14. _raser_

    _raser_ User

    • _raser_
    • ID 6314237
    • x5 Ramacopter-Quickie please
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2022
  15. uberquint

    uberquint User

    • uberquint
    • ID: 4271617
    • Waterplanes and Rama-M-Cargo
    • I'll send what you need if you add me
    • name: misabrich0905
    • ID: 13081365
    • need: 4x Rama-M-cargo, 4x Rama-XS-cargo please

  16. Ainyska

    Ainyska User

    What else do you need to send?
  17. 2x Rama-M-Cargo
  18. Ainyska

    Ainyska User

    Ok, add me

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