Plane Requests - 2023

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. dadfish

    dadfish User

    I need Rama-M-Turbos, please
    Dadfish, User ID: 13363565
  2. jef1

    jef1 User


    i need 4 medium planes
  3. bluevan

    bluevan User


    I need 7 SeaRama-Clippers and 10 (any) RamaCopters.
  4. jetplane11

    jetplane11 User

    Can someone that is flying the Mexican flag please send me 30 planes to complete a task?

    I am online midnight - 13:00 (Central European Time)

    thanks for the help!

    Name: jetplane11, Flag: Victoria, Australia, User ID: 13085410
  5. covysinai

    covysinai User

    could someone please send a rama-m-cargo and 2 ramacopter-quickies my way?
    thanks a lot
  6. ranger2218

    ranger2218 User

    I'm in need of Rama M-Turbos sent over.
  7. jococojo

    jococojo User

    Anyone who can send me some quick planes (within 2 hours of flight time)? Thanks in advance! :)
  8. krlnmzkt

    krlnmzkt User

    Name: krlnmzkt, User ID: 12682412
  9. GOair39

    GOair39 User

    Any kind of ramacopters and seaplanes would help me, 10-10 each
    Name: GOair39
    User ID: 13115086

    thank you :)
  10. I need 4 rama-xs-turbo
    Name: Robertakker1
    User-ID: 13167935
  11. moonboot

    moonboot User

    anyone needs planes ask me - Im online today all day

    Name moonboot
    ID 7329761
  12. devin88987

    devin88987 User

    I need 7 searama-clippers

    Name Devin88987
    ID 8794845
  13. I need to send back a couple of planes for my mission.

    Please send me some Rama-M Turbo and Rama-XS Turbo planes! Will send you planes as well.

    Naam: FlintAirport, User-ID: 13415898
  14. xxCRDxx

    xxCRDxx User

    ADD ME: 13245764

  15. MadameChade
    Need Searama solos to complete mission, can send small and medium planes in return plus helicopters and seaplanes
    Last edited by moderator: Sep 25, 2020
  16. dadfish

    dadfish User

    I added you to my buddy's list, but can't find me.. 13363565
    MadameChade likes this.
  17. chavo99

    chavo99 User

    Nom : chavo99, ID utilisateur : 2094667
    need express H and cargo M
    french player, pls help T-T
  18. Mavrycy

    Mavrycy User

    ID: 13422569
    NAME: Mavrycy
    I need 4x Rama XS Turbo for mission
  19. 8ight8

    8ight8 User

    h everyone ,upps I neeed 4 pcs rama XS turbo pls :)) . Im online now , this is my ID:13423444
  20. czeria1988

    czeria1988 User

    Hi, i want 5x Ramacopter-Express.
    Thank you in advance.
    ID: 13427242
    Name: czeria1988

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