Plane Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. Mochtor

    Mochtor User

    Name: Mochtor
    UserID: 13208738
    Land: Netherlands

    Looking for someone in Mexico, have to return 30 planes.
  2. Name: Талдом
    ID: 13219165

    Hi guys! I'm only a beginner and extremely need some small planes. Help me please :)

    Thank you and good luck!
  3. -Nimueh-

    -Nimueh- User

    Monday and tuesday, 8-9, april closed
  4. asarja

    asarja User

    im looking for long flying planes!!
    current level:62
    ID: 13125573
  5. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Greetings.. you can add me if you like, need or want to.. i am only flying on xp days with the airport light off and with quickservice enabled.. please send me a flyby with your request and i will see what i can do for you.. jank1961.. id 5264246.. happy flying ;-)
  6. Hello! I'm online for the next 10 hours today I'm on Quick service.
    ID: 13027037
    Name: Szaller.Gergő
    I am lvl 41 right now.
  7. Calendergirl
    ID: 13224000
    Only Small and medium planes please?
  8. Bastinos

    Bastinos User

    Username: Bastinos
    Used ID: 173736
    Country: France
    Special Requests: Good traffic
    Level : 37
  9. valesburi

    valesburi User

    Enviar SeaRama-Solo
    Jugador: valesburi
    ID: 13213416
  10. jococojo

    jococojo User

    Name: jococojo
    UserID: 2711647
    Planes: just all planes.

    thanks :)
  11. Nantsen

    Nantsen User

    Name: Nantsen
    UserID: 13139109
    Planes: Ramacopter-Quickie and Rama-M-Cargo
    Level: 29
  12. Name: TheBluePotato
    UserID: 13226394
    Planes: Ramacopter Express 5x

    (But more is always welcome, anything except Water and big planes :D)
  13. Name: DatGuyMatt127
    ID: 13059497
    Planes: 4 Rama-M-Cargo and 4 Rama-XS-Cargo

    I am happy to give you anything you need in return as well.
  14. DatGuyMatt127
    ID: 13059497
    Planes: 4 Ramacopter-Quickie
  15. yuriumeda

    yuriumeda User

    I have to send back 4 Rama M Cargo
    Name: yuriumeda
    ID: 13145392
  16. carlvanh

    carlvanh User


    I need 4 Rama-M-Turbo's to send back to complete a quest...

    ingame: carlvanh
    ID 13226439
  17. Hi,

    Need 5 Ramacopter-Express to send back to finish a quest,

    ingame: Raven_Stone, ID: 13217737
  18. 4Taddie

    4Taddie User

    Name: 4Taddie
    ID: 12588490
    Need 4 medium planes,
    5 Ramacopter- Quickie
  19. SnackPlayS

    SnackPlayS User

    Name: SnackPlayS
    ID: 12861666
    Country: Poland

    Looking for someone active around 40th level. (I'm usually online in the afternoon)
  20. devin88987

    devin88987 User

    Name: Devin88987
    ID: 8794845
    Country: USA

    I just need 8 medium sized please.
    I am online in the afternoon.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019

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