Plane Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. jank1961

    jank1961 User

    Add me & will see what i can do to help you with your requests.
    Name : jank1961
    User ID : 5264246
    Level 72
    Country : Denmark
    Online almost every day from 15.00 CET + 1
  2. wormikowo

    wormikowo User

    wormikowo, ID : 1769048 48 H QS
  3. HellAngel

    HellAngel User

    Hey everyone, I'd need to send back 4 Rama XS-Turbo, and also would be looking forward to find friends who would be willing to help out later and who I could help as well. I'm trying to be around daily.

    My current quest is done already, but I am still looking for people for helping each other out later.

    Name: HellAngel
    Country: Japan
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  4. dany2376

    dany2376 User

    dany2376, ID de usuario: 2248694
    nivel 83 .... en verde siempre juego con SQ
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  5. sebekb

    sebekb User

    Hey everyone, i need to send back 5 ramacopter express. And also i looking for friends, who would can help me ;)
    name: sebekb
    ID: 12334914
    Country: Poland
  6. Hello !
    I look for active players to help me to fill my missions in the game :)
    My username on Skyrama is KiwiEnSucre, so add me !

    I need your help, can you send me Turbo M ?
    I have to send back 3 Turbo M to advance in the game :(
    I have already requested in the game with fly-by but nobodies answer me !

    Thank You for your help


    Salut !
    Je cherche des joueurs actifs pour m'aider dans mes missions ! :)
    Mon pseudo est KiwiEnSucre alors ajoutez moi !

    J'ai besoin d'aide, pourriez vous m'envoyer des Turbo M ?
    Je dois renvoyé 3 Turbo M pour avancer dans le jeu, je suis bloquée :(
    J'ai déjà demandé dans le jeu avec des Fly-by mais personne ne me répond (ou m'envoient toute sorte d'avions sauf des Turbo M :D)

    Merci pour votre aides !
  7. vetvicka70

    vetvicka70 User

    Name: vetvicka70
    ID: 10362539
    I need to send back 4 Ramacopter - Express and 8 Rama - M - Cargo
  8. DPetrikov

    DPetrikov User

    Name: DPetrikov
    ID: 11241857

    Any form of Cargo planes.

    Thank you!
  9. GreekRebel

    GreekRebel User

    Name: GreekRebel
    I need to send back 4 Rama-M-Turbo's
    Thank you!
  10. Hello everyone !
    I need help, someone can send me 5 Express H ?

    Username : KiwiEnSucre
    ID :13176516

    Thank You ! :)
  11. Atilax

    Atilax User

    • Name: Atilax
    • ID: 13181800
    • I need 4 Rama-M-Turbo because I need to complete a mission.
  12. yuriumeda

    yuriumeda User

    name: yuriumeda
    ID: 13145392

    4 Rama M Cargo and 4 Rama XS Cargo
  13. yamhoe

    yamhoe User

    I need to send back 4 Rama-M-Turbo's.
    Can you help me?

    name: yamhoe
    ID: 13179453
  14. VU7214

    VU7214 User

  15. I want any planes...
    ID: 568806
  16. Angelus4m

    Angelus4m User

    hello, i have to send back 10 seaplanes, could you send me some? please
  17. Angelus4m

    Angelus4m User

    mission completed , thanks for the help
  18. drago34

    drago34 User

    :cool: :):)
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  19. ikke1975

    ikke1975 User


  20. Sathen07

    Sathen07 User

    Hey ike, got some planes coming your way, send some to me if you wouldn't mind!

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