Plane Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. jococojo

    jococojo User

    Hi guys!
    I'm happy with every plane, cargo, heli, searama that will give me some (or much) xp :)
    I'm level 36.

    Name: jococojo
    User-ID: 2711647
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  2. -kian87-

    -kian87- User

    I need ramacopter quickies!

    Name: -kian87-
    ID: 8250475

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  3. hi,
    for my mission i need to return 45 waterplanes can somebody help me by sending some planes
    thank you
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  4. kruchy

    kruchy User

    i need 4 medium planes
    id : 13293928
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  5. i need to return 35 planes from mexico is their somebody who can help me?
  6. sdoz

    sdoz User

    name: sdoz
    ID: 11064888
    I need to get 4 pieces Ramа-M-Turbo
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2020
  7. Nome: PedroRei123
    ID: 13301579

    Send invite to friends / amigos :)
  8. Name : ondrejkovac12
    ID: 4206796
    please i need to send back stuff for quests, help me <3
  9. anthony2

    anthony2 User

    I need cargo planes M and cargo planes XS pls ,could you help me
    Name: anthony2
    ID: 13301299
  10. Username: sammedetdavell
    My ID: 13020843
    Seaplanes is my priority, need seaplane parts. Other planes are also welcome. (PS: I got QS)
  11. Mastaman

    Mastaman User

    Nom : Mastaman, ID utilisateur : 13142269

    Need Turbo XS, Turbo M.
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  12. Username : stathistsitas
    Id : 2866948
    8 Rama M Cargo if you can! Active everyday!
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  13. balr.uud

    balr.uud User

    need to return water planes, online the whole weekend.

  14. dzsolide

    dzsolide User

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for buddies able to send me some Turbo XS to complete my mission.
    Name: dzsolide
    ID: 13234197
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  15. Hey there!
    I have quickservice on 24/7... so i can take anything.

    Name: Ceesjellebos
    ID: 2158326

    Thanks in advance, if you need anything DM me.
  16. Hello :)
    I could use some M-Turbo to complete a mission. Let me know if you need something returned!
    Name: Graaf_Eengat
    ID: 13306748
    Request: Done!

    edit: updated request
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2020
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  17. Hi, I need to recibe 2 Ramacopters express. Thanks!!
    CABANASAIRPORT, ID: 13304842
  18. Madziomilena ID: 13170267
  19. Hi, I need to recibe 4 Cargo Plane M + 4 Cargo Plane XS. Thanks!!
    CABANASAIRPORT, ID: 13304842
  20. I need 4 rama M-turbo plaines to return

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