Plane Requests - 2022

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ~NightHawk~, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. devin88987

    devin88987 User

    I need 10 searama-solo's. You can also send other planes but in need searama-solo's for mission
    Name: Devin88987
    ID: 8794845
  2. I need 29 planes from Mexico for mission.
    Name : christolikid
    ID: 9757313
  3. 208ms

    208ms User

    name: 208ms

    i need rama-m-turbo pls add me as a friend and il send you planes whenever you ned them
  4. thron4

    thron4 User

    Name: thron4
    ID: 9539183
    I need rama-m-turbo for mission. Thanks
  5. marcus5000

    marcus5000 User

    Name : marcus5000
    ID : 11516817
    I need Rama-XS-Cargo for mission.
  6. Milor78

    Milor78 User

    Hello, I am active until 18 hours, you can send me airplanes. Name: Milor78 ID: 13005241
  7. marcus5000

    marcus5000 User

    Name : marcus5000
    ID : 11516817
    I need 6 Rama-XS-Turbo for mission.
  8. !cool!

    !cool! User

    Hey everyone!

    I'm a level 23 player looking for active players to trade planes with and grow.
    I could especially use players around my level or a little higher, most active players I can find on here have a very high level and don't own the smaller planes I often need for my quests.

    If someone could add me and help me out with sending 2 Ramacopter (Quicky)'s I'd really appreciate it!

    Have a great day!
    User-ID: 559814
  9. DJbapt59

    DJbapt59 User

    Hey ! Can you help me to my mission please ? I have to return 4 turbo M, my ID is 13250512 and my name is DJbapt59
  10. !cool!

    !cool! User

    I added you! Add me back and once they're back I'll send them to you!
    And don't forget to turn your light to green so I can see you easily

    ID: 559814
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  11. Hello, I am active until 22 hours, you can send me airplanes.
    Nom : Shrekouille, ID utilisateur : 2412915
  12. hello i am looking for rama m turbo i will send you planes back then thank you Name: duceanchovie, User ID: 13251691
  13. LemonAir

    LemonAir User

    Name: LemonAir
    ID: 13255666
    I need some small planes and friends
  14. Erypona

    Erypona User

    I need to receive Turbo XS and Turbo M.
    Name: Erypona
    ID: 13255082

    All the best! :)
  15. Dear Airport Managers,
    Britannia-Airways is back in business!
    Please send me planes daily on morning between 09:00 - 13:00 and any time on weekend.
    I do prefer M and L planes however, any S planes with long service time are welcome.
    Sometimes available after midnight.
    Kind regards,
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  16. Norway

    Norway User

    what flag have you ?
  17. United Kingdom mate!
  18. verser

    verser User


    ID: 13261489

    im looking new freinds to send pane
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  19. Hi,
    I need to receive 4 Rama-XS -Turbo and 4 Rama-M-Turbo
    Username: Artemis_Pap8
    UserID: 13260944

    Any help is appreciated!
  20. Hello all :) I have quick service for 24 hours :))
    Username: Pattesz1998, UserID: 9963251
    Add me and i can send u planes , and of course you can send me too :))) - today we will get extra xp aswell.
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