Or update, or we give up

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by Freixial, Apr 8, 2018.

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  1. Freixial

    Freixial User

    In English
    I continue to see that the ideas put forward do not go beyond "paper", so I leave here two options.
    1ª - We want to:
    a) More play area and less frame. This improvement has already been requested for several years.
    b) To be able to enlarge the hangars with aero-centimos or (at maximum) 5 aerodolares.
    c) Lucky Bag Update
    d) To be able to exchange aero-coins for aero-dolares (5,000 / 1) and aero-dollars for aero-coins (1 / 5,000)
    We are waiting for these modifications to run until June 1, 2018, or:
    2 - We give up once and for all.
    Because we know for several years that, the ideas left here are used in other games of the group

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    Em Português
    Continuo a ver que as ideias colocadas não passam "do papel", por isso deixo aqui duas opções.
    1ª - Queremos:
    a) Mais área de jogo e menos moldura. Esta melhoria já foi solicitada à vários anos.
    b) Poder ampliar os hangares com aero-centimos ou (no máximo) 5 aerodolares.
    c) Actualização da Bagagem da Sorte
    d) Poder trocar aero-centimos por aerodolares (5.000/1) e aero-dolares por aero-centimos (1/5.000)
    Aguardamos que estas modificações estejam em execução até dia 1 de Junho de 2018, ou:
    2ª - Desistimos de vez e para sempre.
    Porque sabemos à vários anos que, as ideias deixadas aqui são usadas em outros jogos do grupo
  2. pmsn

    pmsn User

    freixial, thats true!! long time we ask for upgrades on this game! some how no one eard our " voices":(:(:(:(
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  3. Ladiček06

    Ladiček06 User

    Yeah ;) Admins ! Update this
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  4. -NewBlood-

    -NewBlood- User

    This is unreal, get over it..
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  5. smeagol77

    smeagol77 User

    I totally agree. And like a new quest. I do not play for months in the hope that there are innovations. but get disappointed every time.
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  6. i have an idea for the update that we can change Skyrama, put rockets with a control centre and the plataform. we can include the solar system in the game, complete missions with rockets for example. go to all planets to get a special rocket, or send 6 rockets to Saturn, you can get for example a loading rocket and get materials, for example, a lunar rock, a laser. you can get a rocket hangar, a lunar store, the rockets that you can buy in the store it unlocks in the level 60 for example. good idea?

    a greeting
  7. wifir

    wifir User

    The big update will be when it is possible to play on the phone, I really like the game that still keeps my PC running.

    *start from scratch if necessary;)

    A grande atualização será quando for possível jogar pelo
    celular , eu realmente gosto do jogo que ainda mantém meu PC rodando.

    * Comece do zero, se necessário.;)
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  8. Freixial

    Freixial User

    Obrigado pelos comentários mas, são necessários muitos mais.
    Passem a palavra aos vossos amigos.

    Thanks for the comments but, more are needed.
    Pass the word on to your friends.
    Translation via online translator
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  9. pmsn

    pmsn User

    how nice!! my comment was erased!! its ok , i understand!! but, where the portuguese forum anyway?? we have here the italian section, polish,french....but not our section!o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:mad::mad::mad::mad::confused::confused::mad::mad:
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  10. Freixial

    Freixial User

    A diferença entre o Skyrama e outros jogos:


    Legenda: Gastem $$$

    Outros jogos
    "Na passada sexta-feira o nosso sistema ... esteve em baixo durante aproximadamente 3 horas....
    Devido a isto, foi-vos dada a seguinte compensação:
    - 75 de Ouro (o equivalente a aerodolares)
    - 500.000$ (o equivalente a aerocentimos)
    - 2 raspadinhas
    - 2 vouchers de ... ""

    Quando algum problema aparece, (TODOS) os jogadores são recompensados. Mesmo quando alguns não tiveram qualquer problema.

    The difference between Skyrama and other games:


    Legend: Spend money

    Others games
    "Last Friday our system ... was down for about 3 hours ....
    Because of this, you have been given the following compensation:
    - 75 Gold (the equivalent of aerodolares)
    - $ 500,000 (or equivalent to aerocentimos)
    - 2 scratch cards
    - 2 vouchers of ... ""
    When some problem appears, (ALL) players are rewarded. Even when some did not have any problem.
    Translation via online translator
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  11. -Dexac-

    -Dexac- Board Administrator Team Skyrama

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  12. Freixial

    Freixial User

    Mais uma diferença em outros jogos:
    ..."No ano passado, removemos as barras superior e inferior, para que tenham um maior campo de visão em todo o mapa."

    One more difference in other games:
    ... "Last year, we removed the top and bottom bars so they have a wider field of view across the map."

    Translation via online translator
  13. hello
    nice proposals, I agree

    anche io sono d'accordo
  14. in the game you need a chat for the players online
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  15. Pomerani

    Pomerani User

    I would like this;
    d) To be able to exchange aero-coins for aero-dolares (5,000 / 1) and aero-dollars for aero-coins (1 / 5,000)
    as well.
  16. Freixial

    Freixial User

    Obrigado pelos vossos comentários.
    Mas precisamos de mais (comentários).

    Thank you for your comments.
    But we need more (comments).
  17. Freixial

    Freixial User

    We are ending the day 20.
    The developers have + 10 days to show that they care about this game (and with $$$)
  18. Freixial

    Freixial User

    Faltam 5 dias
    5 days left
  19. Freixial

    Freixial User

    Faltam 4 dias

    4 days left
  20. Freixial

    Freixial User

    Faltam 2 dias

    2 days left