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  1. Skyramakan

    Skyramakan User

    Current Level: 44
    User ID: 3567112

    Regular Mode:
    Medium Runways: 10
    Seaports: 1
    Medium Cargo Bays: 6
    Small Cargo Bays: 2
    Helipads: 5
    Medium Bays: 34
    Small Bays: 10

    Quickservice Mode:
    Medium Runways: 20
    Small Runways: 3
    Seaports: 1
    Helipad: 5
    Medium Bays: 13
    Small Bays: 3
    Medium Cargo Bays: 3
    Small Cargo Bays: 1

    Service Mode:
    Medium Runways: 5
    Medium Bays: 49
    Small Bays: 5
    Seaports: 1
    Helipad: 5
    Medium Cargo Bays: 3
    Small Cargo Bays: 3

    High Passenger Mode:
    Medium Runways: 4
    Seaports: 1
    Medium Cargo Bays: 6
    Small Cargo Bays: 2
    Helipads: 5
    Medium Bays: 34
    Small Bays: 10

    2x 3star Rama-Falcon
    1x 2star Rama-Falcon
    1x 2star 1930s Racer-Hughes
    1x 2star Rama-XS-Superquickie
    1x 4star Rama-XS-Quickie
    2x 3star Rama-XS-Quickie
    1x 3star Romant-O-Rama
    1x 2star BS Overload
    1x 2star Ramaliner-Eclipse
    3x 2star Rama-XS-Turbo
    1x 0star Rama-XS-Turbo
    1x 3star Bee's Knees (S)
    1x 2star Skyathlon
    1x 2star 1930s Racer-Mr. Mulligan
    1x 2star 1930s Racer-Bulldog
    1x 2star Rama-Xplore
    1x 2star AX18
    1x 2star 1930s Racer-Geebee
    1x 2star Rama-SpeedyCargo
    1x 1star Rama Global Cargo
    1x 1star Rama-XS-Cargo
    1x 2star Rama-S-Quatro
    1x 4star Rama-Xplore
    1x 2star Ramaliner-M
    1x 2star Rama-Xperience
    1x 2star Goliath
    1x 2star Peace Plane
    1x 2star Rama-M-Superturbo
    1x 3star Sparring 767
    1x 2star Santa's Helper
    1x 2star Sumo (M)
    1x 2star VIP (Very Important Plane)
    1x 3star Sausage Jet
    1x 2star Solbatross
    1x 3star A33X
    1x 0star A33X
    1x 3star White Orbit M
    1x 1star Störtebek-Air
    1x 1star Rama-M-Cargo

    2x 1star Ramaliner-Special
    1x 2star Ramacopter-Quickie
    5x 1star Ramacopter-Quickie
    1x 1star Rama-Ambulance
    1x 1star Jingle Blades
    1x 1star Camo-Copter
    1x 1star Ramacopter-Seaking

    1x 1star SeaRama-Solo
    1x 0star SeaRama-Solo
    1x 2star SeaRama-Amphib
    1x 0star Dock-S
    1x 1star ThreeRama Aqua
    2x 1star SeaRama-Clipper
    1x 0star Rama-M-Quatro

    Current Setup of Airport: Regular

    **All Rama-X-Turbos are being scraped to Cargo Planes due to current Mission
    ***Currently trying to build up the Quickie (6 min) fleet
    ****Currently trying to build up the Cargo Fleet

    No Pictures of Airport
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