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    Hello guys, plz buddy me!
    Small planes: 30
    Medium Planes: 14
    Ramacopters :8
    Seaplanes: 8
    Altogether: 60!
    Best planes:
    1x Caribbean Cruiser (Three stars)
    1x Marvel Wing (Three Star)
    1x Ontonav (1 star)
    2x Ramaliner-Eclipse (FOUR STARS!)
    1x Rama-Xplore (FOUR STARS!)
    1x Ramaliner-M (Three stars)
    1x Rama Breezy (Two stars)
    1x 1930 Gee Bee (FOUR STARS!)
    Guys, if u buddy me up, plz send me planes when I have the green icon.
    :D :D :) :)

    My Top 5 buddies by hearts!
    1. nachteule23 (3637 hearts) [​IMG]
    2.warpp (1180 hearts) [​IMG]
    3.rblopes1970 (915 hearts) [​IMG]
    4. achi2012 (828 hearts) [​IMG]
    5.Rembri (676 hearts) [​IMG]
    If you have any questions about when I'm on, what planes I have, just reply here!
    (updated since 19th of October)
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  2. Jayden.B

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