Help: Cargo Fleet extension?

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by michael-wilms, Dec 25, 2022.

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  1. hi im lvl 70 and have 5 small and 5 medium cargo planes, is it worth to get more. If yes, why and for what?
    i wish you all a merry christmas
  2. andreipop

    andreipop User

    If you've done all the missions, you could use the cargo planes in order to get parts for the Construction hall (L planes).
  3. viktor402

    viktor402 User


    Yes, personally I think it's very much worth it.
    I'm level 82 and currently I own 100 Xs-Cargo, additionally I also own 200 medium cargo planes, 10 copter cargo's and 60 searama cargo's. Cargo planes are still valuable for 2 things mainly.

    First of all, cargo planes are the only planes that give you the necessary materials to build L planes. To find which cargo planes can give you what parts, see this forum thread: XS cargo's are for example useful since they're the only ones that yield bolts, and if you're making one (or more L planes) a day, you'll need quite a few of them.

    Secondly, cargo planes also yield cargo part boxes. These boxes are very valuable since they need to be used to tun small planes to level 3 and 4. You also need them to tune copters to level 4. And finally, S, M and L cargo's also require cargo boxes to upgrade. Without a lot of cargo planes it can be very difficult to get enough boxes to tune a lot of S planes and copters.

    Cargo planes also give you resources for the shops, but unless you want to do the quests, I think that's pretty much useless on higher levels.

    Hope this helped!
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  4. yes that helps me, thank you, i bought now some more cargos, now i must think about to get more coins, but that will be come over the time ig