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  1. Hello everybody!

    I'd like to upload a picture from my airport. Feel free to send passenger,- and cargo planes, helicopters and hydroplanes.

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  2. New plane in the fleet: SeaRama-Clipper!
  3. Greetings Airport Managers,

    Airport HéjaAirways still waiting for planes, seaplanes and helicopters. Every buddies and pontential friends are welcome! My UserID is 11538823.

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  4. raxcave

    raxcave User

    CAN'T find you since i am new. but it will be helpful if you add me raxcave
  5. I sent a friend request
  6. Hello,

    Feel free to send planes, hydroplanes and helicopters to my airport. I am online from 8:00 to 9:00 CET. When I have no duty I will serve your planes.
  7. please add me Name: bombax characters, User ID: 12008297
  8. Hello,

    Some changes have been made at my airport, here is a picture:



    After buying a map expansion the airport looks like this:



    Feel free to send planes, hydroplanes and helicopters! I am online from 8:00 to 16:00 CET.


    3 Medium Cargo Bay
    12 Medium Bay
    2 Helipad
    1 Seaport


    4 Rama-Falcon
    2 1930s Racer-Hughes
    2 Rama-XS-Quickie
    5 Ramaliner-Eclipse
    4 Rama-XS-Turbo
    1 1930s Racer-Mr. Mulligan
    1 1930s Racer-Bulldog
    5 Rama-Xplore
    1 Jetliner AX 18
    1 1930s Racer-GeeBee
    1 Rama-SpeedyCargo
    1 Rama Global Cargo
    2 Rama-XS-Cargo
    2 Rama-M-Turbo
    1 Bogus 737
    2 Rama-M-SuperTurbo
    1 MillionAir X
    3 Rama-M-Cargo
    6 Ramacopter-Express
    1 Rama-Ambulance
    1 Ramacopter-Steady
    1 Ramacopter-Seaking
    4 SeaRama-Solo
    1 SeaRama-Amphib
    1 Rama-Firefighter
    2 SeaRama-Clipper
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  9. Wish you would add me! :) SuperAlexGamer, sent you a request.
  10. boeing787

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  11. Important!

    If you send small planes or hydroplanes send them with time intervals!
    (Serving a SeaRama clipper lasts 7 minutes.)

    Thank you!


    24 hours Quickservice active, you can send any planes!


    24 hours Quickservice active, you can send any planes!
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  12. UniteSword

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    Im lvl 12 and owning a fast growing Airport any plane that i can serve is welcome(Small and Medium planes). If u need any planes just message me and im happy to send you some #ID:12428243
  13. Yaysuz

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    very nice airport!

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