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  1. gotuzil49

    gotuzil49 User

    Hello, I have airport in Czech republic and I´m level 56. My planes are down:

    Small planes:
    1x Rama-falcon***
    1x Rama-falcon
    1x 1930sracer-hughes****
    1x 1930sracer-hughes*
    1x 1930sracer-hughes
    1x Rama-XS-superexpress****
    1x Rama-XS-express****
    1x Rama-XS-Express
    1x Romant-O-Rama
    1x Ramaliner-XS-turbo****
    1x Ramaliner-Eclipse ****
    2x Ramaliner-Eclipse*
    1x Rama-xs_turbo****
    2x Rama-S-Quatro****
    1x 1930sracer-Mr. Mulligan ****
    1x Rufus MK II
    1x 1930sracer-bulldog****
    1x Rama-xplore*
    1x Rama-Xplore
    1x Spaceship one****
    1x 1930sracer-geebee****
    1x Darfyke-skybird
    1x Rama-speedycargo
    1x Rama-XS-cargo****
    1x Pirate plane* (I dont know its english name)
    1x Rama-XS-cargo*
    1x Rama global cargo****

    Medium planes:
    1x Ramaliner-M****
    1x Pumpkin Jumbo
    1x Zero G***
    1x Peace plane***
    1x Rama M Skelemoto***
    1x Rama-M-superturbo
    1x Rama-superxplore****
    1x Skyrama 858****
    1x MillionAir X
    1x White orbit M
    1x Escargo-T*
    3x Rama-M-cargo
    1x Santa glaze*
    1x 20x Zero G

    Large planes:

    1x Pumpkin heli
    1x Ramacopter-express*
    1x Ramacopter-express
    1x Rama-Ambulance****
    1x Rama-Ambulance
    1x Ramacopter-Steady*
    1x Ramacopter-Skyrane***
    1x Camo-copter****
    1x Hell-o-copter
    1x Prezentcopter
    1x Ramacopter-seaking
    1x Earwing
    1x Eazy-135

    1x Searama-solo
    1x Searama-Aphimb
    1x Hairmes ultra
    1x Ramaliner-xplore
    1x Sky-HOH
    1x Klabauter Jet
    1x Rama-firefighter*
    1x Searama-clipper
    1x Rama-M-quatro***
    1x Searama-Aqua

    If I will buy or upgrade a plane, I will edit this :)
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  2. gotuzil49

    gotuzil49 User

    Updated 23th October 2021 16:09 czech time
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  3. gotuzil49

    gotuzil49 User

    This is old. I got much more planes now. But I am not going to update it, I want to keep this as a piece of nostalgia.