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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SirMaxeN, Nov 9, 2020.

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  1. madmax100

    madmax100 User

    So that means windows 7 won't support it bcs it worked for a couple of hours of the latest update couple of weeks again and it's the same old story? is there not an option to use ruffle or something?
  2. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    We hope so too... :))))
    Otherwise, the solution, could be to remove your useless frame window supporting commercial adds, to set permanent full screen, isnt it?
    Simply because, what is the point to keep this frame if nobody play the game anymore?? ;)

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  3. olandiano

    olandiano User

    Why nobody can play the game anymore ? Because there is no full screen? I play years without ..
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  4. Alni

    Alni User

    totally agree with you.
    this game is designed for full screen, it is really too laborious to play on a small screen.
    I am not sure if I will continue to play without the full screen.
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  5. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    101% agree
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  6. mash_013

    mash_013 User

    And this is also quite a discussion, which skyrama just does not succeed. I've emailed support several times about "the server can't handle it anymore", but unfortunately they don't want to hear this and all the problems are with the player. That's why I didn't play for 3 months because skyrama was a relaxation for me, but the speed now annoys me and I keep getting the same answer from the support,

    It is about time that skyrama invested in skilled IT people.
  7. ASRoma0726

    ASRoma0726 User

    I still can't enter the game! I've downloaded Launcher in vain, but it won't let me in either! You can't access from a browser either. Now have you taken away the game opportunity completely?
  8. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    Skyrama gone with the windflash player???
    Full screen or not full screen; that is the question.. :)
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  9. For me game does not work in Opera / Firefox / the new game client which is suppose to replace browsers. It works only on Edge / Chrome. On the browsers / game client I get same "Adobe not installed" error. Windows 10 / Pro (I've mentioned the other browsers this does not run onto as perhaps this would trigger some ideas). I've tried running game client in compatibility mode / using Admin rights, no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  10. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    4 days left...

    Good for you Olandiano if you dont have headache moving your airport with your mouse inside the useless commercial add frame window.
    What about "field of view", dont you think it is way more comfortable to overview everything in one glance?
    One day you will need glasses also, like everybody.. Think about it.. Dont be so sarcastic
    Last edited by moderator: Dec 27, 2020
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  11. BrideElena

    BrideElena User

    WOW I'm definitely not going to change my system for the game :eek:
  12. jmverboon

    jmverboon User

    So with three days to go the screen size issue still hasn't been resolved?
  13. lclthierry

    lclthierry User

    ne fonctionne pas non plus avec windows 10.
  14. I can not pass the page: "get ADOBE FLASH player"
    windows 10 home 64bit
  15. Iceman1730

    Iceman1730 User

    Same here...
  16. will anyone tell us when the fullscreen will be made? it is impossible to continue playing like that
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  17. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    2 days left..
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  18. Olandiano, can you launch the game using the new game launcher? If yes, could you tell me please Windows version (10 Home/Pro, 8,...). Also, does the game work for you in Opera / Firefox?
    Thank you!
  19. ptiprince

    ptiprince User

    Last day...
    Sad endings..
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  20. Iceman1730

    Iceman1730 User

    I just reinstalled it...
    Game client doesn't work!!! I can not pass the page: "get ADOBE FLASH player"
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